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Did Jack Dorsey just say that in the future WE CAN TURN OFF algorithms ?
That would be super fancy !!!

I mean crazy, what's up next - ?

Esteemed Followers,

I forgot if you are more into the federated social web or tinkering on websites, so:
Why not both?

Social CG meeting 16:00 UTC

IndieWebCamp East SAT/SUN

will present its Digital Services Act in a few weeks.
It is a legislative package to regulate the power of the walled-garden-monopolies.

Find a german article below.


mastodon is out of control, made possible through the gift called -

which reminds me that there is a Social CG meeting TOMORROW
16:00 UTC

⬡ CommonsPub and the quest for a modular decentralised app ecosystem
Mayel de Borniol, with the participation of the CommonsPub Team & Contributors

Live Q&A Recording conf.tube/videos/watch/a1097f4
Debate in the Forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/
Watch the Talk conf.tube/videos/watch/d66cf9e

ActivityPub gave us interoperability at the data level, and we’d like to do the same on the software level with CommonsPub …

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⬡ Spritely and Federation Futures
Christopher Lemmer-Webber

Live Q&A Recording conf.tube/videos/watch/1e9197b
Debate in the Forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/
Watch the Talk conf.tube/videos/watch/18aa2f9

Spritely is a laboratory-project to incubate for the future of the fediverse, …, improved for user interface designs, etc.

See live updates and demos.

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⬡ Decentralized Social Networks vs. The Trolls
Derek Caelin

Live Q&A Recording conf.tube/videos/watch/a5d5675
Watch the Talk conf.tube/videos/watch/d8c8ed6

… the alt-right social network Gab migrated to the "Fediverse" of social networks after being booted from mainstream financial services and hosting solutions. Almost immediately, was met by a dedicated movement to it…

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⬡ Integrating ActivityPub in XWiki: a journey
Simon Urli

Live Q&A Recording conf.tube/videos/watch/dee609c
Debate in the Forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/
Watch the Talk conf.tube/videos/watch/bf1309c

XWiki is an open-source wiki platform written in with a design emphasis on . The core feature of XWiki is its capacity to design structured-data documents and applications directly in the wiki.


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⬡ Using federated instances as discussion communities
Prof. Dr. José Manuel Meza Cano

Live Q&A Recording conf.tube/videos/watch/cdbccd5
Debate in Forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/
Watch the English Talk conf.tube/videos/watch/2b43c03
Spanish: conf.tube/videos/watch/e2923ad

From the field of , specifically cultural psychology, emphasis is placed on the construction of spaces that have traditionally been seen as the physical , …

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⬡ OAuth 2.1 and ActivityPub
Aaron Parecki

Live Q&A Recording conf.tube/videos/watch/f9e0856
Debate in the Forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/
Watch the Talk conf.tube/videos/watch/3235195

This session will cover what’s new in OAuth 2.1 and how ActivityPub can take advantage of some of the newest features of to better support a wide range of interoperable ActivityPub clients.

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⬡ Go-Fed: Past, Present, and Future

Live Q&A Recording conf.tube/videos/watch/580ae1e
Debate in the Forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/
Watch the Talk conf.tube/videos/watch/952f9ce

The Go-Fed suite of implement the ActivityPub protocol in the Go language.

Go-Fed takes to heart the philosophy that the ActivityPub specification left opportunities for further evolution of its core ideas


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⬡ Come Together Right Now
Sebastian Lasse

Live Q&A Recording conf.tube/videos/watch/296da45
Debate in the Forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/
Watch the Talk conf.tube/videos/watch/4102f53

We are currently building a generic supporting the entirety of the client portion of the client to server protocol. In a world no information should be hidden by the UI but it must be well-arranged…

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⬡ An analysis of privacy design principles as applied to decentralized systems
Cristina DeLisle

Live Q&A Recording conf.tube/videos/watch/4dba3ce
Debate in the Forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/
Watch the Talk conf.tube/videos/watch/a019681

This talk will provide an analysis of privacy design in building . It will consider best practice recommendations and the specific characteristics of models.

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