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Now: Irritating police violence at a large german public broadcaster ( wdr ).

Police escorted Nazis, nudged journalists and peppersprayed the counter-protesters …

@{} Moxie doesn't offer any freedom. He offers a centralized silo. The freedom to self host, modify and build on wins against any argument for a centralized silo, for me. This is not just Matrix, this is the freedom offered by open source and federation protocols.

All the #36c3 stuff sounded pretty cool (wish I were there, sorry I just couldn't travel this time) but reading @sl007's post I am at times unsure if I am reading about a conference or if I'm reading a fantasy novel

(... I say as I work on "Spritely Goblins"...)

Exciting times!

third source
“Shibl al-Zaydi, leader in the has been confirmed dead after the US conducted another air strike targeting his convoy in . Two vehicles hit. Developing. ”

Conflict News on t. 11 mike ago
* eil | breaking *
“BREAKING: There are reports that more high ranking members of Iranian backed militias have been killed in an airstrike north of Baghdad tonight.”

Design is critical in accessibility. A bad visual design can, and will be, an accessibility issue.

Design is how it works.
When discussing web & social media accesibility, please remember that not every blind person uses screen-reading software. The way your content looks is just as important as the way your content sounds.


Also, wie versprochen :
Ich schreibe nachher noch eine *kurze* mail an @digitalcourage

Falls Euch langweilig ist, das hier ist ein langes Stück mit viel :

/ @padeluun

habe kurz eine Reflektion aufgeschrieben, in Beziehung zu ActivityPub und Fediverse.


Nach unserer Konferenz in Prag war das perfekt und ich wollte DANKE sagen für alles in Halle 2 !

Burned with :

Massa, the eldest gorilla in Europe
Endangered Orang Utans from Borneo
Chimpanzees from West Africa

only two Chimpanzees could escape the fire
May they carry their spirit from to !


While writing a long read I noticed: What I said about instances missed something :
You can also have two accounts like one for your interests or politics and one on the large instances for SNAC.
Happy New Year !

Hi Fediverse 👋

we want to propose another alternative, this time to "year 2019" users:

🎆 #2020 🎆

It shall be more open, more easy-to-use and more fun than the previous versions 🎉

2020 was released today, so make sure to give it a try! So we can have a great time enjoying and improving it together. 🙃

Happy New Year Everyone! 🙂


And just another 👏 in a series of 👏 👏 goes to
@juliareda for taking up the fight.

Happy New federated, decentralized Decade everybody.
! 🌍
Rock on.

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