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In zehn Minuten raus aus Google Docs oder Office 365: Mit der neuen #Nextcloud kann man endlich gemeinsam an Dokumenten arbeiten. Das ist ideal für Journalisten und alle anderen Berufe mit einem gewissen Datenschutzanspruch. Hier im Videotutorial alle einzelnen Schritte, um sich bei dem Webhoster Uberspace zu registrieren und die Nextcloud dort zu installieren.

@how @cwebber

Somebody like Social CG or Chris, nightpool and hellekin could decide when to use and where to send it.

It allows everyone needing to
• livestream / picture all community events
• create awareness
• tell awesome stories about ActivityPub

I can also provide a group insurance of the union (1 of 7 founders here ;)

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@how @cwebber

What do you think of doing a small 5.000$ crowdfunding campaign like

The ActivityPub Community needs an Urgent Response Media Kit

This will consist of
• camera + lenses
• dedicated laptop
• camlink4k
• ssd hd, 2 sd cards, reader
• micro and camera tripod
• stickers and info material
I would donate two microphones (room and voice), a zylight, hdmi grabber (slides) and do all installation.


It's the current year and the smartest UX designers still don't seem to have realized that when setting alarm clocks people may not want the future alarm to blast through the house

A very special "thank you" goes out to at
for refining my textiles and letting me silk-screen print which I didn't do for years.
Touching means grasping and it was wonderful wicked awesome fun.

/ @mlemweb

Thanks to @how the scrolling now never ends when I read my mastodon messages because of the millions of OFFDEM likes ;) –
mastodon : we need a better UI for that.

Superfun as just featured in ZDF heute :
“99 smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps.Through this activity, it is possible to turn a green street red which has an impact in the physical world by navigating cars on another route to avoid being stuck in traffic. ”

Unpopular opinion: Seems we can soon replace the E in #FOSDEM with A - so many speakers from the USA ;) #SarcasmButOnlyHalf

From the JS-errors-evoking-the-Zombie-apocalypse department:

"TypeError: Body has already been consumed."

Peter Thiel, actual vampire; another fediverse clone 

Peter Thiel, actual vampire; another fediverse clone 


Polizeiführer wirft Parlamentarische Beobachter*innen ohne Rechtsgrundlage korrekt nennen zu können vom Gelände, wo den Testbetrieb blockiert.


Sorry to say.
Quickly went to FOSDEM from OFFDEM and for sure this will be my LAST
Apart from the big five taking over the money highness :

We applied for an devroom –
it would have been really packed, crowded, productive and the whole day (we did it at OFFDEM then, thanks to Petites Singularités).

Now form your opinion, this was the "Community and Ethics" room :

TIL The Swiss have 2 language tags for German:
- gsw-CH
- de-CH

"Both are real languages, and distinguishing between them could be important to an application."

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