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Unapologetic shitposting. You've been warned.

In unrelated news, absolutely stupid how tired I am today

Did my first Deadmines run in like eight years yesterday and main-tanked for the first time in ever. It was _a lot_ of fun

Noise cancelling headphones are the fucking best investment I ever did make

Listen, Microsoft Word, I'd be fucking thrilled if you could stop changing the spellchecking language at your own behest, fucking constantly.

Got WoW to run on linux. This is, quite literally, all I ever wanted.

You'd think a duster wouldn't be able to do a lot of damage. The Lightning umbilical connecting my (godawful) laptop to its brick/dock begs to differ.

My computer succumbed to death by cleaning lady

I'm an intelligent person who changed their VPN password, went to bed, and immediately forgot it.

I just had a really dumb idea for a bot. Stay tuned for Tarot Bot.

'//Due to arcane fuckery, this is already being called by the [redacted]'

Not an entry into the Big Book of Crimes since I wrote that. I do enjoy sassy source code comments.

Fucken. It's pouring rain and then, escaping that, all the gym floors are soaked due to mopping

I have obtained my new dope keyboard frame, though, so that'll be a fun project this weekend

Why the pub crawl is on a Thursday, I may never know. I do know I'm getting too old for that shit, though.

I made some terrible mistakes yesterday. Most of them are beer. Another few are port.

*spends a month's salary on just Rhodia pads*

Life's too short to write on garbage paper.

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