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Unapologetic shitposting. You've been warned.

On this day, I am building an extremely ghetto evaporative cooler in a cluttered garage, blasting melodic metal. I like this aesthetic.

The bird site seems to be going to shit in all manner of ways. Maybe it's time to:
a) relocate here
b) stop impulsively checking the goddamn birdsite, across two apps, every time I pick up my phone

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Mjukvara och kod som finansieras av offentliga medel borde vara tillgänglig för folket! Nederländerna har nu antagit den här principen vilket är ett bra steg framåt, dags för Sverige att följa efter. Public money, public code!

This man controls the processor cycles.

To him, you are nothing.

Right. Bugger. Forgot about this place for a bit.

I'm trundling around the flat in sports clothes and an apron. I don't even know what stereotype this is.

So I'm making like three weeks worth of food in a single run.

Today is the Grand Saturday Cook-off, also known as holy fuck there are no more prepared meals in the freezer.

There exists a 50p coin that is stamped "Boaty McBoatface"

So, I guess I _could_ tell you why...

So, without ever being much invested in the game, Halo influenced me. I like it, funnily enough for reasons besides it being a game.

But I am excited to finally play them, on PC, the only console I still own.

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I've lost a fair few hours on the Halo Wiki, too, trying to understand the story my younger self either failed to grasp or didn't care about. That, too, intrigued me. Stories about intergalactic parasites, rogue AI, hyperreligious alien zealots, and so on. There is a lot going on there.

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It stuck with me, though.

I got hold of the soundtracks and fell in love.

Learning to mod Halo 2 on the Xbox as a spotty 12-year old was one of those events that kindled my love for computers. It started my journey along the path that would lead me to becoming the computer engineer I am today.

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I couldn't tell you why. I only ever played Halo 2, and mainly split screen multi-player (REMEMBER FUKEN SPLIT SCREEN?!) because I was to poor to get Xbox Live. Played like 15 minutes of Halo 1.

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Learned today that the Master Chief Collection is coming to PC and friends,

I am excited.

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