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I would love to see Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in the ICJ. About time the world took note of their crimes against humanity.

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Congress decides to oppose Citizenship Amendment Bill 'tooth and nail'

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How many of u think that Modi is worst P.M of India???

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Whoever is now earning a lot of money will be easily able to pay back all the subsidy they used when they didn't have the money. Their patriotism and endorsement of no freeloading will be proved, and current students spared.

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Agar khilaaf hai hone do jaan thodi hai
Ye sab dhuaan hai aasman thodi hai

Lagegi aag to aayenge ghar kai zad me
Yahan pe sirf humara makan thodi hai

Main jaanta hoon ke dushman bhi kam nahi
Lekin humari tarah hatheli pe jaan thodi hai

Humare muhn se jo nikale wahi sadaakat hai
Humare muhn me tumhari zuban thodi hai

Jo aaj saahibe masnad hain kal nahin honge
Kiraaydaar hain zaati makaan thodi hai

Sabhi ka khoon shaamil yahan ki mitti me
Kisi ke baap ka thodi hai

-Rahat Indori

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Yes, it is true tax payers cannot indefinitely keep funding the leeches at .
The money can be better spent buying expensive cars, that lie unused, or 191 cr luxury planes for chief minister's.

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On one hand is denying on contrary the news of speculation is coming from media I think that is being repeated here as Malik keep on denying same way is heading what you say ?

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Alauddin Khilji thought of himself as the second Alexander - Sikander e Sani.
He wanted to perpetuate his memory with a tower four times the size of the Qutub Minar....
But as Robert Burns said
β€œThe best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley"
( often go awry)
So all we have is an unfinished minar...

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100 days of siege in Kashmir. 100 days of complete lawlessness by the Indian state.

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Two issues that drop the non-Sanghi mask from the faces of even the MOST staunch BJP critics:



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Kameene sanghis have learned a new thing, contempt of Court. Saalo ko tab yaad nahi tha when SC gave orders to maintain status quo in Babri Masjid site. Tab yaad nahi tha when Sabarimala verdict went against Hindutva groups. Bloody hypocrites. twitter.com/TiwariSudhendu/sta

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What genre of music would you most love to attend a music festival for?

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#mastodon tips

Here you can delete your toot/msg in DMs and it will be deleted at the other end too!

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Toota toota ek parinda aise toota
Ke phir jud naa paaya
Loota loota kisne usko aise loota
Ke phir ud naa paaya
Girta hua woh asma se
Aakar gira zameen par
Khwabon mein phir bhi badal hi the

True story. #TootNotTweet

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Guys I need more people to boost this.

Justice Akil Kureshi yesterday got his appointment confirmation as CJ of The Hon’ble Tripura HC. Whilst I’m happy to hear ths, he was slated to be the CJ of The Hon’ble MP HC - a bigger state. We all know why this happened - Because tis man bravely stood upto and passed an order against Chanakya Shah. Please boost this msg far and wide - it’s further proof that independence of the judiciary is finished :(

@Deepsealioness @IndiasMuslims @CZubair @imMAK02

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Hello Migrator's of Twitter, please suggest some good handles to follow. If you can't then goddam boost this toot.

Dear helpful people of mastodon, looking for an employment and labor laws lawyer in gurgaon. Any leads will be helpful! TIA!

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