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Oh hey can someone whip up a decentralized secure internet protocol that uses Fox News comments as storage?

Aaand now it's time for the top family game show in America, are you ready fooorrrrr

"x86 Assembly Instruction or Random Keypresses?!"

Up on the board:

fstsw $100
fbnsl $200
scmp $300
cafh $400
swfts $500
fist $600
jsls $700

yay, some "PUP" that tries to drop and install a shitty self-signed rootkit of copy-pasted code for process hiding

@slipstream Sadly, there wasn't much to do for folks not in the US :(

It's disappointing that *this* is how we (the US) wants to lead the way now.

I really need to think about putting the work in to set up a textmode Mastodon instance...

so, how long before the US of A gets a Great Firewall of Profit

Disney now owns Star Wars, Marvel superheroes, Simpsons, the Alien franchise... How much of our popular culture do they own? And given their track record on copyright lobbying... Fuck

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and gmail is unsafe.

I'm not in #InfoSec, but the current level of #IoT stuff and #Android app has lowered the bar and I'm having some fun with it.

Worth mentioning my own post about my car assurance company that allowed *anyone* to get the whole history of any car: Nothing hard, just a bit of #reverseengineering and http #sniffing

If you ever wonder why boomers are so weird and aggressive - please remember that basically any adult with any authority was allowed to hit them when they were children.

With all the new guys, I should again

I'm into both blue and red team stuff - ( and ), ...

I once helped break windows ; I found plenty of other issues too:
I also was one of the most-cited people who reversed CAPCOM.SYS.
I believe all obfuscated code is unwanted (if in kernelmode then outright malicious).

I believe games to be a fine entry point into infosec.

One habit I need to pick up more in Mastodon is using hashtags. As Mastodon is decentralized/federated, hashtags are a more critical part of spreading a post.


wow, a lot of people seem to be coming onto mastodon today

tired: images on the web
wired: teletext-style pictures drawn with unicode characters
inspired: everyone learning to uudecode base64 into images IN THEIR MINDS


the scammy forum signature banner ads on the bitcoin forum where they create teletext-style artwork out of small unicode characters to get around the lack of image support

i've created something too strong for me to control