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now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down: i went from using a graphics API with 0,0 at the top left to using a graphics API with 0,0 at the bottom left

there's another spam bot where the application field is "punkoma" and it just sounds like an eighties-style frontend for pleroma

this spam is art
i don't know what internet caffeine is, but i'm sure some people would want it

been a while since i've used a soda stream, too

and how about those free shipp, not that i'm interested in slash fiction

also, how would you even pronounce "e qbnfyobycr"? I guess something along the lines of "random keyboard mashing"

your hacker name is the first CVE ID you were credited with discovering XORed with the first CVE ID assigned by someone else to your code

8,555 accounts
+1 in the last hour
+16 in the last day
+246 in the last week

just putting about 700 of these on my laptop

Stop pushing for biometrics as a secure replacement for passwords please

The thing which bugs me with modern centralised social media is that moderation is woefully under staffed.

People are impressed "wow facebook has 20k moderators that's huge!" But they have over 2 Billion users!

That's one moderator for every 100k users.

I love the complaining about GDPR coming from the US. Yep, that is how it feels when regulation of another country affects you. You are welcome.

because the local part of my email address is only 1 character long, i literally can't log in to deactivate my skype account

cmon, if you post a screenshot of text please copy and paste that text into the image description

RT My proposal for redesigning EU 'cookie consent' notifications.

Can we at least require websites to use the one on the bottom? 😇

My pleroma install script now allows you to setup a .onion instance :3

Tinkering around with some #malware at a client's today. Something they've been battling with for a while. I was thinking of doing a talk at @dallas_hackers but I think somebody covered almost exactly the same thing last night. PowerShell running PowerShell decoding base64 encoded DLLs and injecting into memory. #infosec

Big exciting stuff: @CobaltVelvet of hosting service #Maastodon needs to share the workload, is interested in making it a cooperative/transferring responsibility to us!

Share thoughts:

There is also a planned group chat, weigh in on what time is best for you:

If you are not a member but would be interested in joining a co-op tech team, consider getting involved! Please boost for visibility~

RIP iQue Player security.
Arbitrary code execution in secure mode achieved.

("too late! fifteen years too late...")