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When did this happen?!

I just checked @nullkal 's Enty (basically, Japanese Patreon):

He's getting the rough equivalent of over $10,000/month.

That's... well, over 3 times the amount that @Gargron is getting.


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@Gargron @nullkal @slipstream lol are you saying that the guy who deleted a whole instance after realizing hosting it in his room wasn't a good idea is getting paid more than 3x more than the actual founder of ?!?!

@Guerin @slipstream @nullkal Hey! Don't be rude! Accidents happen. I am happy for nullkal.

@nullkal @slipstream @Gargron i didn't mean to be rude, just teasing him a little for that whole affair! sorry if i hurt anyone =\

yet i still believe you'd deserve at least as much as s•he does :)

@slipstream @nullkal @Gargron oh and btw why has their patreon clone a name that close to hentai? don't they like other things than anime porn?!^^

@Guerin that's Japan for you! also, they have much more people *interested* and consumed by internet and communication than rest of the world.

@slipstream @Gargron @nullkal 116 patrons donating JPY 1,090,000. That's an average of $87 per patron.

Eugen is only asking for $1 per patron from his followers.

Sounds like the Japanese are either rich as all get out or greedy as hell.

Something doesn't add up.

@slipstream @Gargron @nullkal I don't get the Japanese sometimes. The average Japanese household income was $53,000 in 2012, yet they can afford to spend crazy money on some crazy ass shit.