It seems Chinese skids are just as hilarious as Western skids when it comes to shitty malware. I've just reversed a Chinese bot:

- Download+exec is broken (URL, not dl path, passed to WinExec)
- Various pacotes functions that seem copypasted from elsewhere, one leaks ~64kb memory per thread.
- Totally broken functionality to add a privileged user thanks to misunderstanding of MultiByteToWideChar
- Requires admin privs, no UAC bypass.

@slipstream You do reverse engineering for money or pleasure?

@slipstream Cool. Where'd you pick this specimen up from? And what tools do you use for decompiling etc?

@digitalLove I found this one by looking for chinese HFS servers on Shodan (which, btw, is something I don't normally do; maybe I should do that more, haha. Perhaps I could also massscan chinese IP ranges on some odd ports looking for HFS servers too...).

I use IDA+Hex-Rays mainly.

@slipstream Hah, sweet. Definitely worth a look. I have used IDA in the past. Looking for good open source tools atm. But I don't do much reverse engineering tbh. Keep up the good work (: Following

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