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slipstream/RoL‮⚡‭ @slipstream

huh? i'm seeing no posts from @Gargron at all in my home timeline, yet I follow him.

i want to see posts that get gargled!

perhaps the mastodon software is turning against its creator...

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@slipstream have you muted me or something?

@Gargron (hey, that post actually showed up in home after a few seconds)

@slipstream oof. I haven't tooted a lot today? I boost things. Maybe you got my boosts muted or maybe other ppl on your home also boosted those things so you don't see that I did it too.

@Gargron i didn't notice at least one of those boosts (which didn't show up in home at all), and i also didn't notice your post wishing @halcy a happy birthday, but I did notice their reply.

@Gargron ok wtf? your posts are showing up fine in my home timeline on my other system (also running the webUI) but not this one?!

@slipstream maybe you got disconnected. the web ui still doesn't have a thing that would show tears in the timeline

@Gargron hm, I refreshed and they didn't show, but now they show after a Ctrl+F5

thanks for the advice

@Gargron @slipstream Could be a shiny new bug from fixing the home regen bug.

@Riley @slipstream that's not live anywhere, not even merged