...I don't think I'll get any sleep.

This tootdon thing...

Fuck you, MobiRocket Inc. of Burlingame, California.

...one search later, I find out Burlingame is "located on the San Francisco Peninsula".

That explains quite a lot...


@tinker basically, it communicates with a server hosted in the US, where it sends at least:

- every public toot seen by the app
- every OAuth token of its users

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@jerry @slipstream @tinker

I think I called this one two days ago, didn't I?

Even if *your* mastodon client does not allow you to do certain things, anyone can use the Mastodon API to track password, tokens, "private" conversations.


@deeds @tinker @slipstream @jerry

appreciate the heads up

this is part of why I was reluctant to start using a Masto client at all, I use the mobile interface

@slipstream - Well that sucks. Guess I’ll delete it now.

@tinker @slipstream amaroq seems pretty stable, and the mastodon PWA is also pretty good.

@ajroach42 @slipstream @tinker I just wish Amaroq on iOS could consistently post images. Every time I try I get an error. Finally just switched to Pawoo on iOS. Just revoked Tootdon access and deleted it.

@kyleejohnson @ajroach42 @slipstream @tinker the amaroq dev hopes to get an update out soon that fixes this and other things

@tinker Don't forget to revoke it from your authorized apps, too.

@slipstream @tinker I actually don't personally care about it archiving public toots, but the OAuth tokens? I am having a very difficult time comig up with a reason that would not be malicious.

@varx @slipstream @tinker

Re: OAuth tokens. Thinking about it like a tool developer: Say if you are developing a distributed scraper say for loadbalancing, you don't want to bother the user to submit a new auth code every time you switch to a new worker.

So now, where do you store the access token? A centralized server?

But yes, no one prevents you to have a range of different clients under the same client id/secret -- so you can re-use the token.

@varx @slipstream @tinker

I am waiting for involuntary scam toots of my friends to come and haunt me.

I personally would discourage from entering your password into any client you did not write yourself. Otherwise sooner or later a toxic app taking control of your account.

(I swear I am a nice person who would never do such a thing)

@deeds @slipstream @tinker Word has it they use the token for push notifications:


but I haven't yet seen evidence that they're getting informed consent from users on this.

@deeds @slipstream @tinker (Also can I just reiterate how much I hate phones? Real computers don't need to hand their credentials to random servers in order to drive notifications.)

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