omg, @chest_bot favourited my jokey toot to it

does that mean... it isn't a bot?!

in any case, open chest

this spam is art
i don't know what internet caffeine is, but i'm sure some people would want it

been a while since i've used a soda stream, too

and how about those free shipp, not that i'm interested in slash fiction

also, how would you even pronounce "e qbnfyobycr"? I guess something along the lines of "random keyboard mashing"

This bot or script has broken and I for one find it quite interesting, and a piece of art in itself.

I just realised that the fediverse would probably really appreciate my Blaziken.

I hope this person at least makes regular backups now.

(also, if the ransomware asked for 1.1 btc, why buy 3.1 btc?!)

Oh, now that's an interesting cryptocurrency-related phish.

Plaintext email that passed the spam filter, "new ICO offers free ETH".

The email links to hxxps:// which has a prominent "please sign in" section linking to hxxps:// - which Google Cache doesn't have,
so I'm guessing that site got pwned?

Email headers:

this spammer (which i have reported)... if you take their toots in order, i find them hilarious

first up (not shown) is a coursework writing service
second, a christian retreat
and finally, a marijuana dispensary

when put together -- especially the last two -- it makes me think of a religious teenager with a rebellious streak who can't be bothered to study, preferring to get high and go out partying.

that's a main character!
coming this never: "Tempted by the Devil"

It seems Chinese skids are just as hilarious as Western skids when it comes to shitty malware. I've just reversed a Chinese bot:

- Download+exec is broken (URL, not dl path, passed to WinExec)
- Various pacotes functions that seem copypasted from elsewhere, one leaks ~64kb memory per thread.
- Totally broken functionality to add a privileged user thanks to misunderstanding of MultiByteToWideChar
- Requires admin privs, no UAC bypass.

What shows up for you under "Top Stories" when you Google "Mastodon"?

For me, this showed up. All of them links to @Gargron 's toots (the leftmost and rightmost linking to the same toot!) about the pawoo saga.

Congratulations !

Your instance is now the #1 open instance by user count and toot count! In such a short time too!

Major update to my Mastodon network stats script:
- Shows stuff related to statuses/connections now.
- Added colour (can be turned off)
- Added the ability to show more instance stats.
See the help for details.

Added a new feature to my Mastodon network statistics script. Now, alongside each of the top 10 instances (open and overall) will be shown the percentage of the entire network (known to that said instances have.

Update your script! Here's the gist again:

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