If true, that means a news publisher got advanced notice, and not some operating systems vendors.

"Responsible disclosure" is anything but responsible.

^ personally, i am of the opinion that full disclosure best disclosure.

if bug bounties could give, instead of money or swag, useful knowledge, no matter how old (src, internal docs, build artifacts with private symbols, stuff like that which *should be* the currency of infosec); then i'd maybe reconsider. unfortunately that's not likely to happen in an era where such things are called Imaginary Property, given imaginary values, and hoarded instead of preserved.

"I heard Mastodon was failing."

Mastodon isn't focused on a profit motive. If your paradigm insists that anything that can't be monetized is a failure then sure, Mastodon willingly and cheerfully fails in your eyes.

@kingcons technically, you can, for some things, anyway. it's called reverse engineering :)

i don't remember if it was IAR or CodeWarrior or what but i "fondly" remember how one of my coworkers eventually found out that the compiler always optimized "if (a || b)" into "if (a)" literally every single time no matter what. it just ignored the entire right hand side of one of the commonly used operators, always

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@0x4464@tiny.tilde.website @MASTERBOOTRECORD h7's ascii art just being on a cassette tape like that is plain awesome

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