Lo perfiles infantiles de Disney+ están rotísimos. Faltan títulos como Vaiana, Big Hero 6, Buscando a Dory... 🤦

This is you periodic reminder that in (almost?) every place that asks you to use Google Authenticator for an OTP-based 2FA, you can use FreeOTP instead.


A targeted ransomware attack that deploys a VirtualBox virtual machine (using shared folders to the access the local storage), running a slimmed down version of Windows XP SP3, to hide itself from the host.


The new iPhone SE is a great phone, but the fact that you still need a particular OS to develop for it kills it as an option for me. Com'on Apple, it's 2020 already.

I guess I'll be waiting for the Pixel 4a.

Ouch, Pulseaudio does not yet support AVRCP Absolute Volume. That's the reason why the volume in my BT headphones is so low. Welp, an ugly script with dbus-send will do the trick until this is merged.


- Some people can be 100% remotees, some need to visit de office from time to time, and some can't work from home.

- Some people need freedom while others need help setting their short-term goals.

The best organization is the one that understands that one size does NOT fit all.

Just to clarify, this is *NOT* DirectX 12 on Linux in a general sense. This is basically a pipe so applications running under WSL2 can stream DX12 instructions directly to the Windows host. And both userspace and device emulation are closed-source.


Este finde jugué el final de Death Stranding, y madre mía, qué juegazo. Ahora no sé si darle un poco al post-game y ponerme a hacer carreteras y repartos, o empezar el FFVII Remake.

Un buen truco para filtrar en casa las páginas web inapropiadas (porno, malware...) es configurar las DNS de Cisco Umbrella (, en el DHCP del router.

Okay, so I think it's time for me to go back to my old self in Twitter, which means no politics and no COVID-19, just tech (excluding anything related to contact tracing) and fun stuff.

Igual me equivoco, pero diría que aquí Simón está asumiendo erróneamente que todas las FFP2 llevan válvula. twitter.com/hugomanchon/status

We all know that containers are more convenient than VMs, but what if starting a VM was like this?


I'm now starting to believe the mantra that we'll eventually deprecate email. But I have no idea what will be its replacement. Group chat? Instant messaging?

I wonder when, if ever, will Governments deploying contact tracing solutions without the Google-Apple API acknowledge that their apps doesn't work reliably on iOS nor on many Android devices with aggressive battery optimizations.

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