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Oh! Are we doing again? Let's go then.

I'm Tim. 31, he/him. I live in with my , I work in IT. Interested in and , love , , and novels.

I studied media theory, business, and creative in college, and am passionate about games as a medium and the world even though I have absolutely no art or coding skills whatsoever myself.

Planner/organizer/helper, big believer in kindness. Knows everyone.

In other news I finally had an impossible burger last night and yeah, I couldn't tell at all. Science is wild.

I've met such a host of wonderful people in the indie game world. Developers. Journalists. Publishers. PR folks (but like real ones). Convention Staff. Streamers and Content Creators. All great! It's honestly exhausting how many lovely, talented people there are to keep up with.

Random dog jumps up in my lap and sticks its nose in my face and the owner is all apologizing profusely, meanwhile it is THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME

I didn’t even realize today was , but just yesterday was talking about how excited I am to be helping with a game ( that has several characters that use non-binary pronouns. I hope more games include diverse pronouns going forward!

Me juggling fake jewels at a wedding, like...well, like me. I don't know what to tell you.

On the way back from my dad’s wedding, just explained to bartender in the Charlotte airport how to make a sidecar. I’m here three more hours. I’ve kind of fallen off the internet this weekend; I guess something happened with Fortnite?

Decided to play around with more adventurous tie knots for this rehearsal dinner tonight. Never done this one before!

There’s a little kid, like five, in the back of this plane who keeps shouting “bad bitch!” I don’t know what to do with that.

Apparently my bank has flagged Humble Bundle as a suspicious vendor and isn't letting me buy things there. Which, no, but I see how you got there.

Today is apparently my day to be flagged down by friends in parking lots.

I feel like I’ve been going nonstop since August? So I’m allowing myself to crash and rest this weekend.

Over here thinkin about the last love interest dialogue scenes with Tali in ME3 and I’m fucked up all over again.

A happy new year to everyone celebrating Rosh Hashanah!

And if getting spooky is an exciting time for you, happy October!

I made my front porch light orange for spooky times. 🎃

Earlier this year I bought some merch from, because she's a phenomenal artist who puts on an incredible live show and I wanted to support that. Then bad luck struck, the package got stolen. She very nicely sent a replacement, but then THAT package got lost in

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