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Oh! Are we doing again? Let's go then.

I'm Tim. 31, he/him. I live in with my , I work in IT. Interested in and , love , , and novels.

I studied media theory, business, and creative in college, and am passionate about games as a medium and the world even though I have absolutely no art or coding skills whatsoever myself.

Planner/organizer/helper, big believer in kindness. Knows everyone.

About halfway done. Tomorrow a friend is coming over to help me with assembling the big things, plus the stuff that requires me being on a ladder.

Nothing makes me happy quite like seeing Super Mario World in an original SNES. The nostalgia hits like a train.

I have not been further than 20 miles from my house in...nearly two years, now.

Hi! This is your Tuesday reminder to

go to __therapy__.

Texas I don't even need it to be cool enough that I can tell myself it's Halloween, just cool enough that I can be outside and not actively hate every second of it. I will make that work.

Started talking like a pirate in a work email while legitimately not realizing that it was in fact talk like a pirate day, but no one will ever believe me.

Have reached the phase of adulthood where I've realized that all furniture doesn't have to be against the wall.

My day job weekly meeting and Hiding Spot weekly meeting are now both on Thursday so that's just become the day where I make a full accounting of what I've been doing with my life the past 7 days.

By current count, my Halloween decorations will take 16 AA batteries, 17 AAA batteries, and 2 LR44 button batteries. Why does none of this shit plug in like Christmas stuff?!

Just hit Gloom Stalker Ranger 5 / Assassin Rogue 3 with Alert and Crossbow Expert and if that means anything to you you know how much of my bullshit I'm about to be on.

Help I can't stop buying Halloween decorations.

I was worried that the strange and creepy side of my Halloween decorations wouldn't be as robust as the spooky skeletons and graves section, but found a bunch of good weird stuff today! Excited to start putting it all together later this month.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - at some point in my life I really must toss a glass full of alcohol into a roaring fire to emphasize a dramatic moment.

My entire personality and life experience is summarized by the "sweat smile" emoji 😅

Committing $5000 over the next year to helping progressive candidates defeat republicans in Texas in 2022, starting with some new monthly donations to and It's something, at least, that I can do right now.

It's been a big day for our game, but meanwhile I actually can't process or even engage with how angry I am at conservatives in my state. Gonna get some sleep, gonna wake up and go to work, and gonna try to keep finding healthy ways to support the good fight.

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