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Oh! Are we doing again? Let's go then.

I'm Tim. 31, he/him. I live in with my , I work in IT. Interested in and , love , , and novels.

I studied media theory, business, and creative in college, and am passionate about games as a medium and the world even though I have absolutely no art or coding skills whatsoever myself.

Planner/organizer/helper, big believer in kindness. Knows everyone.

Well, I have a house. Now it's time for all of the work required to turn it into home.

Going extra for lunch today, Dogijuku from missiondogs. Teriyaki-glazed bacon-wrapped hot dog with pickled cucumber and ginger, wasabi mayo, and topped with nori.

Packed up all my books. It’s starting to feel like the move is really happening now.

It’s started. I’m buying decor for rooms I don’t have yet. This candle holder is the rock I shall build my mid-century modern church upon.

Oh wow. So, I’m actually buying a house. It’s by far the biggest life shift I’ve made since I moved to Austin ten years ago. There’s a lot of very scary unknowns right now, but I think many good things to look forward to as well. Like someday, maybe, a hidden bookshelf door.

Cutesy baby talk to cat: "Are you back on your bullshit? Are you back on your bullshit? Who's back on his bullshit?!"

Simultaneous head incline and cup lift is the best gesture.

Listen, the end goal of any and all legislation advanced by the Republican Party is to create a world where only rich cishet white dudes are considered human beings w/ rights, and everyone else is subservient or dead. Anything else they say is just lies to make it go down easier.

“Sploot” is the most wholesome image search. You’re welcome.

I was too busy turning 33 and playing games w/ friends to catch GoT live, but I’ve watched it and it’s not good. It’s really quite bad and worse, it’s bad in all of the obvious and unsurprising ways. Acting and production still great, but the story is horrendously disappointing.

Also while we’re on the subject of early N64 games who’s got the rights to Chameleon Twist? I would kickstart the heck out of a new Chameleon Twist game.

I remembered it being good, but I forgot how rad the music in Mystical Ninja is. Early birthday present to myself.

Well, I bought a label maker. Prepare for labels on everything.

I am watching a video game-themed aerial show. Always fascinating to see the culture of games show up in new ways.

Me: turning 33 next weekend.
Also me: Chocolate cereal for lunch.

This little one has been steadfastly trying to get into every window of my office for weeks now.

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