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human crystals 

if I am a solid under pressure
what will I become ?

reminder that

nature kills
nature subjugates

no one is an exception
but I hope for "women"
to wake

and walk free

as strings of a new code

Spring deception
upon us

first sun
then green
then cold

still winter
in our ear

life imitates art

if I do not see myself in art


t o

e x i s t

What do you call a frost, heat and drought resistant perennial kale? 

I do not know, but apparently it is growing now in a garden near by.

friends are delusions
our mind a drug in itself
I synapse alone

is it so wrong
that I am a cyborg
forged in ancient bone bricks
and programmed in formalized New World education?

am I not still an Earthly symbiote?

I care not if I screech into the void --
my words are of healing essences
and my power to listen
rivals your soiled hands


I keep holding my breath
waiting for the world to evaporate
so you can turn around
and catch me in your arms

but I forgot
you forgot me

It's like pockets
you put your hands into
and dig around for keys
and come up with coins
for the wishing well outside


like sounds
you hear when you wake
and listen for the night
and the moon's quiet glisten
across the morning sky


like hope
you hold to in your heart
when things are falling apart
but you know tomorrow's
merely a day away

inspired passage in Late Migrations by Margaret Renkl


I am nothing
If not
Something unnecessary

I am nothing
If not
Something essential

I am
Something, if
Nothing else

#smallpoems #poetry

the reuptake instigator
sits like a stone
low in the dependent zone of my stomach:

a new superego to haunt me

Common cell type nomenclature for the mammalian brain

The advancement of single-cell RNA-sequencing technologies has led to an explosion of cell type definitions across multiple organs and organisms. Resulting in widely varying nomenclature and limited alignment between taxonomies.

To facilitate cross-dataset comparison, the Allen Institute created the common type (CCN).


US, Antifa, frustration 

I would kindly asked any US journalist reading this to talk to an (European) activist to learn more about the history, the meaning and the pronunciation of Antifa.

Boost if you agree.


It is coming a hard frost in May.
So hard to have hope
when you are walking away from this garden,
when you have covered
the tomatoes
and peppers
and all the vulnerable things
with every available sheet.
This cold world snaps hope
like a twig underfoot,
heedless as a god,
a reckoning unreckoned.

🐦 RT:

at work: using genomic data collected from thousands of samples, @nextstrain
reconstructs & visualizes the chronology & spatial distribution of the pandemic

🇫🇷 In French, re-read

media can get at me when it celebrates brown bodies with remotely the same sincerity

Chestnut propaganda 

Food trees make it possible to bring in real food production into the cities. Reduces Agricultural impact & allows for restoration of landscapes which are responsible for ongoing environmental damages & massive release of CO₂. Chestnuts can produce half the grain people need.

One fine cold winter evening

this city boy

working on a dairy,

walked down to the milk tank

in the January dark.

The electric lines

sang and snapped

in the cold

as I greedily skimmed

the cream from the tank

for next morning's breakfast.

Until that moment

walking home

I did not know one thing.

I thought I knew many things,

but they all had condensed like cream

into one moment.

Now I knew one thing

and then I knew nothing.

inspired by @ggevalt

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