I spent a few hours looking at Godot Game Engine yesterday. It's quite satisfying in terms of usability, design language and clarity. I do have concerns about GDScript's cache efficiency and such. But overall, it's a nice thing to play with as a contrast to Unity. Not that I'm a game developer or anything. Just foolin' around.

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@smari On the topic of games and puzzles. I would expect a taxonomy of puzzles to exist, but so far I have not been able to locate any.

@whvholst I have seen some theme/trope classifications, but no pure taxonomy. It's perhaps more directly useful to use tags than trying to enforce a specific data structure. "4X", "RTS", "Shootemup", "RPG" all are meaningful. It would do games that cover multiple styles a disservice to try to pretend they must be in a tree.

@smari I was thinking about mathematical puzzles, word puzzles, Newtonian physics puzzles, geometry puzzles, the works.

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