@rysiek @jordyd One of my math professors once provided a fascinating proof of symbolic contextuality - that even within a set of related statements, one can have contradictory definitions of the same term if they are contextually separate. It helped justify a lot of "what do you mean by X, exactly?" questions thereafter. (It's been well over a decade so I can't remember any details...)

@lambdatronic oh, I just read the specification. Less excited, unfortunately. 😢

@lambdatronic this makes me want to know what Gemini is, such that I might make a server for it in Jai.

@rysiek @Creideiki here in Iceland, we maintain a minimum of 2 meters between wingtips, but 7m is pretty reasonable.

@ratamacue yes. That also breaks out of the thing I'm pointing to about including the logic rather than the interface. I guess I'm saying I prefer assimilate to graft. Borg > Vidiians.

@bamfic to be fair, I'm picking on Javascript and Python a bit there. My most recent coding sessions have all been pure C, and I've loved every minute of it. Few languages have brought me as much depression as clojure. Clojure somehow manages to combine most of the worst possible ideas in programming: S-expressions, the JVM, and dynamic typing. I get that some people like it, but I severely disagree with those people. 🙂

@ratamacue ahh! I see. I'm not actually complaining about calling things good intent-revealing names, note. I'm more complaining about the line of thinking that leads people to doing it in that particular way.

@ratamacue I've worked on engineering teams with well educated, but somewhat junior programmers ─ which I think is similar. I'm not sure the goal of a collective working group should be to "reveal the interns"; but perhaps I'm missing your point?

The software industry has engendered a culture of distracted programmers using bad tools to solve problems they don’t have time to fully understand. In this essay, I try to explore why. medium.com/@smarimc/when-progr

@anahata I currently own a share of 7 planes and almost got convinced to buy a helicopter with some friends a while back. I'm nowhere near wealthy enough for this kind of thing. 😅

I am slightly concerned with how expensive my hobbies are getting. Not entirely unrelatedly, I may be about to bid on a Pilatus PC-9.

@whvholst I have seen some theme/trope classifications, but no pure taxonomy. It's perhaps more directly useful to use tags than trying to enforce a specific data structure. "4X", "RTS", "Shootemup", "RPG" all are meaningful. It would do games that cover multiple styles a disservice to try to pretend they must be in a tree.

I spent a few hours looking at Godot Game Engine yesterday. It's quite satisfying in terms of usability, design language and clarity. I do have concerns about GDScript's cache efficiency and such. But overall, it's a nice thing to play with as a contrast to Unity. Not that I'm a game developer or anything. Just foolin' around.

Happy new year people. Philosophical poll time. (+e where needed)

Decided to park behind five cars at a car wash, because visibility through side windows was substantially diminished by recent storms. I figured it'd take 3-4 mins per car. How wrong I was. Now I'm deep in sunk costs fallacy territory, but also next in line.

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