The TEA in STEAM with an interest in the S. I live on stolen Narungga land, half a world from birthplace.

Introvert in person, highly social online, and care greatly about social inclusion.

I study multiple aspects of the Cold War, including comparative technologies, art, and language.

Language has distracted me, now acquiring classic family cookbooks of all those European countries that I stand a chance of being able to read.

Dogfather, spoonie, vintage tractor driver.

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I will read (or attempt to read) and follow toots in my native English, in Swedish (and by mutual comprehensibility Norwegian, and Danish,) Dutch, German, and French.

I am admin for the birdsite RoCur, WeRWorld

My area of work is enterprise software, where my primary language is Perl.

I am a user of Apple products, because they suit my needs, but not a fan, as such.

Did I say I cook?

I won't discuss sport, politics, religion, or doings of douchebro entrepreneurs.

My life philosophy is "don't be a dick," and my motto is "shit happens."

Delighted to meet you.



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