Aw man I ned to figure out if you can make a .gif out of a live photo because wow I had this cute shot of the boy and now I also have this shot of the contents of his mouth

@Tarale You can, on iOS. This was a live. If you haven't figured it yet, I'll be on my iPad once I've got the dinner started, and will see if I can recall how.

@smiffy I tried on mine, but I could only get a video

@Tarale OK I remember what I did. After it went into the animated album, I opened the album in Photos on my laptop then did file export - pretty sure gif option was in there.

@smiffy I'm not seeing it, but I'll look properly after the whole… feeding the boy, bathing the boy, getting the boy to bed thing.


@Tarale Assuming you have iCloud sync - on desktop, View -> Albums -> Media Types -> Animated. Select photo. File -> Export -> Export GIF

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@Tarale Sooooo... I don't think there's a single step to GIF on iOS; if you save to files, you get MOV, per your experience. You have to do the initial conversion on iOS, then convert to GIF on MACOS.

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