*shrugs* People ask me what language I work in, and I say Perl, so this morning the task I'm working on got re-specified as node.js. A change is as good as a rest, I guess. (And I quite like node.)

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@smiffy PHP and SQL today. As always.

I've decided it's time I learnt some things, so I'm reading about AWS a bit, and seeing how I can use that for *stuff*.

@smiffy Then I also need to learn about accommodation for the elderly.

@smiffy And all the shit that goes along with getting dad off the farm.

@smiffy But fortunately I have speed metal from Göteborg.

@smiffy (if you want to listen to something quite different, try Slaughter of the Soul by At The Gates.

@TechnicalKO Noted. On System 7 at the moment, as I'm trying to focus on interprocess communication between Perl and node.js

@smiffy Enjoy! The only way NodeJS is terrible, imho, is when you inherit poorly written Promise chains and the like. Lately I've been coding almost everything in bash and Go. I forgot how delightful and powerful awk and sed are.

@nubd First obstacle cleared - communicating STDOUT and STDERR back to the calling Perl programme. Luckily I'm writing both ends :)

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