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I'm a huge green tea (gunpowder) drinker. My new pre-bed routine is to make two pots, and to pour the off into vacuum flasks. Makes my morning routine some much more simple.

Hmm. This is getting interesting. I have to sandbox my birdsite accounts to get notifications found all my accounts. Here, I've got accounts in three instances, just separate tabs. AND Mastodon actually works in browser, unlike Twatter's eternal UX train-wreck.

@Tarale Is the instance being run by anyone we know? I'm sort of wary of anything Australian, as it stands an equal chance of being Racist Australia, as Nice Australia.

One BIG difference between this and birdsite, and that's the UX isn't a total crock o'shite. Works very well in Firefox on my iPad. Oh, and obvs no nazis.

@ardvarc So... Are you actually a mustelid researcher, or just an enthusiast?

good morning, I have an important announcement:

"tootus andronicus"

thank you

Rindsroulade (meat) 

Rolling my rinds. I *think* I'm sufficiently recovered from my recent tooth extraction to eat this.

I haven't figured out how to quote-toot, so... Podcast - with transcript - of @Gargron being interviewed about Mastodon.

Hello everyone! Please if you want, RT this toot so others can find out I'm on Mastodon:)

Listening to Ace of Base again. This track sounds a bit Rosenstolz-ish. (Style-wise; obvs not voice-wise.) Travel to Romantis

Cue my local timeline turning into 90% Espanol, just to troll me.

I mean, if I started studying Dutch just so I can read a (Flemish) cookbook, this is no big deal.

2/2 I have neither the time nor headspace to start with another language, so think I'll try something new: capture a load of toots inte a file, run it through some Perl to capture the 100 most frequently used words, translate, learn, and go from there.

As a very active language learner, I have hopes.

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OK,, I've cracked under the pressure. Since the second most tooted language on this channel is Castilian (Spanish) I guess I'm going to have to acquire a basic vocabulary. 1/2

It's 2100, and pitch dark. I've just been approached (jumped up against me,) by one of the girls, carrying a lead*) Sorry, but walks right now aren't happening. Thankfully she's gone to bed, I hate to disappoint.

*sorry, no photo; only got one usable arm at the moment, which makes such rather awkward.

Glorious. Seeing toots in languages I can't ID, let alone read. Just looking at one where I feel that I can nearly understand it, but can't tell if it's Germanic or Romance.

My life philosophy is "don't be a dick," and my motto is "shit happens."

Delighted to meet you.



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I will read (or attempt to read) and follow toots in my native English, in Swedish (and by mutual comprehensibility Norwegian, and Danish,) Dutch, German, and French.

I am admin for the birdsite RoCur, WeRWorld

My area of work is enterprise software, where my primary language is Perl.

I am a user of Apple products, because they suit my needs, but not a fan, as such.

Did I say I cook?

I won't discuss sport, politics, religion, or doings of douchebro entrepreneurs.

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The TEA in STEAM with an interest in the S. I live on stolen Narungga land, half a world from birthplace.

Introvert in person, highly social online, and care greatly about social inclusion.

I study multiple aspects of the Cold War, including comparative technologies, art, and language.

Language has distracted me, now acquiring classic family cookbooks of all those European countries that I stand a chance of being able to read.

Dogfather, spoonie, vintage tractor driver.

Are people talking about weasels because this is Mastadon, AND HEFFALUMPS AND WOOZLES STEAL YOUR HUNNY 😱

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