In defense of Central Board of film certification, who recently refused to award certification for the film 'lipstick under my burkha'
"Despite rumors to the contrary, Indians know that women don't masturbate. There are no women who want to have sex just for the sake of sex. No women who want to pick up men, have sex and say thank you, goodbye. (Men do this but women don't.) Everything that women wear each day of their lives is to either please men or provoke them. Women don't have a body independent of how it exists in the minds of men. Every aspect of a woman's life exists for consumption by men. Coming to the board's beef with women using abuses/expletives, I can't believe that experienced filmmakers can be this naive."
#women #freedom #sex


when it comes to women... alsmost all men in india, seems to take out their brain/mind + rationality out their head and damp in a inorganic rich ditch..., and replace the space with a bunch of rotten sausages

when it comes to arrange in india, almost... both men women are objectified (with varying degrees), either with ignorance or sincere ignorance along with dowry....

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