banned from hacker news for revealing the Brave browser spyware

using differential cryptanalysis to un-send this fucking email to gary spangler

if my next computer doesn't have at least 32 gigs of ram im gonna throw it away

every single Unix programming manual I've read has the exact same first chapter

damn apple I know the supply shortage is rough but why do you still charge me $400 to upgrade to 32 gigs of ram

three insufferable idlers (named Isaiah, Isabel, Isabelle)

I have a leaked JPEGMAFIA track on my hard drive called "I Will Die Before Gnome Gets Icons In The File Picker", willing to trade it for stems from The Beetles or Talking Heads dm for details thank you

free software has a lot of weird feels like when you're using Ghidra knowing that it was made by the NSA or when you're on Tor and remember the navy built it

""Any programming language, as long as you can fulfil the requirements with it""

submitted by kleinesfilmroellchen

all shrimp go to heaven 'cause dumb bitches let them in

@MischievousTomato @vriska I did and it looks pretty bad for the Mac:

M1 Garand
>2800 ft/s muzzle velocity
>8 round capacity
>effective range of 500 ft
>beautiful ping every time you empty a clip

M1 Macbook
>0 ft/s muzzle velocity
>0 round capacity
>0 effective firing range
>no beautiful ping sound, can only emulate
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