In my latest installment of Revisited, we look back at a printer that caught fire and the casual spraying of Freon.

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Windows 10 running Ubuntu 21.04 running Windows 7 running Mac OS 8.5 running Windows 95

We've been fighting hackers since the 1980s, people. When will it end???

Watching the next episode on my list. Stewart is demonstrating some game that he describes as a "simulation of a worldwide epidemic caused by viruses from outer space."

I'm normally indifferent to podcast ads. But I just heard an ad while listening to a particular podcast that actually provoked my gag reflex. Had to stop the podcast immediately and delete it from my player.

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damn someone shouldve told me foss didnt mean "free as in beer" i tried drinking some and now im suffering from dysentery

This may be the most riveting Revisited yet--an AMD executive explains a giant diagram of a 4-bit microprocessor!

In today's Revisited post, we look at the state of local area networking in 1983. Will Ethernet become the new standard? And what will IBM do?

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I wrote about stumbling upon a copy of Dreamcast multimedia email software DreamFlyer for $1, learning about the PinkRabbit family of software it’s based on and compatible with, and liberating the computer versions from time bomb code. Hope you enjoy!

Today's Revisited looks at the early days of speech synthesis and speech recognition technology, including the origins of Stephen Hawking's famous voice:

I have a new Revisited post, this time on the state of robotics in late 1983. Stick around for some holiday season computer news headlines!

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My latest Revisited post delves into the state of computer security in late 1983. Have you guys heard about this cryptography thing?

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Here’s that CGI application I’ve been working on; a work-in-progress, basic HTML frontend to the Wayback Machine, for browsing the old web straight from an old browser, including the Wayback Machine’s site search 💻🌐📅

Today's Revisited looks back at a short-lived word processing program that was more notable for its marketing approach than its

My latest Revisited post examines the operating system battles of early the early 1980s. Will Concurrent CP/M or XENIX reign supreme???

In today's Revisited post, I ponder the question of why a sewing machine company would also produce military flight simulation software:

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she’s short circuiting because there are birds outside two different windows and she doesn’t know which one she wants

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On authors who were publishing information technology panopticon concerns in the 1980s, or earlier

A quickie dump.

Paul Baran / RAND

"On the Engineer's Responsibility in Protecting Privacy"
"On the Future Computer Era: Modification of the American Character and the Role of the Engineer, or, A Little Caution in the Haste to Number"
"The Coming Computer Utility -- Laissez-Faire, Licensing, or Regulation?"
"Remarks on the Question of Privacy Raised by the Automation of Mental Health Records"
"Some Caveats on the Contribution of Technology to Law Enforcement"

Largely written/published 1967--1969.

Willis Ware / RAND

Too numerous to list fully, 1960s --1990s. Highlights:

"Security and Privacy in Computer Systems" (1967)
"Computers in Society's Future" (1971)
"Records, Computers and the Rights of Citizens" (1973
"Privacy and Security Issues in Information Systems" (1976)
"Information Systems, Security, and Privacy" (1983)
"The new faces of privacy" (1993)


Shoshana Zuboff, In the Age of the Smart Machine: The Future of Work and Power (1988) Notably reviewed in the Whole Earth Catalog's Signal: Communication Tools for the Information Age (1988).

"Danger to Civil Rights?", 80 Microcomputing (1982) (

"Computer-Based National Information Systems: Technology and Public Policy", NTIS (September 1981)

"23 to Study Computer ‘Threat’" (1970)

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

"Privacy and Information Technology" bibliography is largely 1990--present, but contains some earlier references.

Similarly "Privacy"

Credit Reporting / Legislation

US Privacy Act of 1974

Invasion of Privacy Act 1971 - Queensland Government, Australia

Arthur R. Miller, The assault on privacy: computers, data banks, and dossiers

"The Computer, the Consumer and Privacy" (1984)

Richard Boeth / Newsweek

The specific item I'd had in mind:

Richard Boeth, "Is Privacy Dead", Newsweek, July 27, 1970

Direct PDF:

Based on an HN comment:

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