Moving to @snapgeek on .

They have built a wonderful community based around photography.

I forgot to take a photo last week for my so this week I will be submitting two posts! Sorry folks!

Decided to join BEAR LEE EXPOSED project. I submitted this photo of myself to be drawn for the project. Excited to see the finished drawing!

is postponed so looks like I will not be going to in April. I'm a bit heartbroken over this as I have been planning this trip for a while now. 🙁

As the world continues to cancel what seems like "every event" I'm going to continue my mission this year to shoot in unique locations like in 2020.

Interested in ? Send a DM!

Apparently Facebook doesn't let us use services like Buffer to schedule posts to Facebook or Instagram

Might be time to limit my time on any platform owned by as they are evil.

Yesterday I did a shoot at the High Trestle Trail Bridge in Madrid IA. Photos to follow once I get them edited.

Yes I skipped posting my photo yesterday. I'll post it tonight when I get finished editing.

Does anybody here use over ?

I've been having issues with Lightroom for years now and about over it.

I wonder if the will impact photography conferences this year? I sure hope not as I plan to attend at least two conferences this year.

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