@snark_web came across a different pic from the same event (Women’s March, Karachi 2018.)

@snark_web I entierly agree. Their gender is female and thats all that counts socially. Not sure why people focus so much on the fact that their sex isnt the same as their gender.

@freemo @snark_web sex is just gender in doctor's clothing, so it's best not to say anyone is a particular sex without their consent

@metapianycist @snark_web I would tend to agree that it is none of your business what someone's sex is unless you intend to have sex with them. Outside of that there is no need to care or mention it, and would be rude to do so.

With that said I would say that gender and sex are fundementally different things. Gender is how you express feminine and masculine qualities. Sex is a description of your chromosomes and other biology like what genitals you were born with. Which is why sex is usually very personal and not really anyones business in public.

@freemo @snark_web I'm trans and I'm informing you that the category of sex is overwhelmingly used to harm trans people, especially trans women. Immense violence has come to trans women from people labeling their bodies "male." Using the category of sex to describe trans bodies is not some you should be doing, unless the trans body you're describing is your own.

I affirm every trans person's autonomy over how they categorize their body.

@metapianycist @snark_web I am not disagreeing with you. I am just saying that the solution is to stop using the definition of sex to hurt trans people. I dont think that means we have to pretend that the idea of sex doesnt exist. It is possible to not hurt trans people (by being respectful) but still recognize the distinction between sex and gender in our discussions.

I also affirm every trans person's autonomy over how they categorize their body.

I never suggested anything of the sort. I said that their gender IS female, and that their sex is no ones business but their own.

Please don't put words in my mouth.


@freemo @snark_web it's disrespectful to say that trans means that your gender is different from your sex. it means that you are not the gender assigned at birth.

@metapianycist I never said that. Again please stop putting words in my mouth. I said people (wrongly) focus on their sex being different than their gender. I went on to expllain not only do they not know the persons sex, it is rude to talk about anyones sex. @snark_web

@freemo you don’t know the details of any person’s genitalia unless they tell you, so maybe don’t make assumptions.

@snark_web Agreed. Which is EXACTLY what I said. So I assume this toot was just to agree with what I said or did I misunderstand you?

@freemo @snark_web you're using language that implies that trans women's sexes or genitals are somehow notable, since the original post did not mention either thing

@metapianycist I'm sorry the way I worded it mislead you to that conclusion. I should have been more clear. That is not what i was saying.

I was attempting to point out that a persons sex is no ones business.

@freemo @snark_web i know that you had good intentions. I'm saying that since the original post did not mention sex or genitals, your mentioning those things (even to say they're none of anyone's business) has the effect that other people could read your comments and think that trans women's genitals/sex are relevant or notable in determining whether or not they are women

@metapianycist @snark_web Ahh, I see. That certainly wasnt my intention and I would be very disappointed if that was the effect my post had. As you probably realized by now my intention was the exact opposite of that.

@freemo no, you’re making assumptions when you say “their sex is different from their gender.” You don’t know if their body doesn’t align with their gender (like if they’ve had sex-reassignment surgery).

@snark_web My wording wasnt very clear on the OP but i have since clarified that on the responses. I was pointing out that the people who focus on their sex being different from their gender are WRONG for doing so. So no I was not implying that, I was reiterating what others have implied wrongly. Sorry I wasnt clear about that in my original response, I have since clarified that point though. Hope that helps. I was attempting to make the exact same point you just made.

@dlq Trans Exclusionary Reactionary F*ckface. Oh, they claim the last two are "radical feminist", but that does not reflect the truth. In short: Bigots.

@snark_web If I ever see a TERF, a pseudo-TERF, a wannabe-TERF, an undercover TERF, a TERF friend, or anything that is remotely TERFy or unable to accept that trans folk are whoever they say they are, and deserve dignity, healthcare access based on whatever occurs between them and their doctors/providers (no matter what age, stage of life, or class in society), and that they are integral and inherently important members of human society, on Mastodon, I will go on a rampage!

May I use the picture for a tweet. A terf-tweet unfortunately entered #MeQueer and found its way into tweets of several gaymagazine-tweets as a representive tweet of #MeQueer
I critizised it and would like to emphazise it with the picture.

@HartmutSchrewe of course (it’s not my image btw, it’s from a women’s march in Karachi)

image description for „retoot to protect mastodon from terfs” 

a photo of a group of people maybe on Women’s March 2018 in Karachi holding a sign with “Trans Women are Women Shut Up.”

@wuhei “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.” feminists (so-called) who hate trans people, basically.

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