I support everyone. I don't support terrorism. Full stop. Take it as u may.

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Trucker strike! - or no consequences lawn mowing..either will stop these genocidal anti colonial bigots. Y'all dumbass terrorists getting away w murder- are equals.

We have two traitors and one idiot in Washington that need to be relieved..

I dare somebody to do it. This is not how we treat our military and we should never put our boot through people that are blowing the whistle that clearly the leadership has failed us. Living in such cramped quarters has very dangerous consequences.
I've lived in such Close Quarters for close to five years I know what this is like this is unacceptable treatment from Washington on this matter


Humie dum dum... Make it yo damn self...why wait for China?
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Yay....jack dorsey about to be ousted..and Twitter owned...massive losses are the reason... and I haven't even sued them yet

Deco at it again in Phoenix. First it's gangster bulshit and now the power drops out and as I pushed back it rebounds but the internet and cable are offline.. before you judge I'm on my phone

You can scratch any application for the iPad because it gets kicked out. And then you have to retype everything in by hand.

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There will probably be more to come now that I can login on my mobile devices.

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The websites are now officially engine free there straight JavaScript themes and HTML. Ruby was broken for several months. And if you were trying to rebuild your website, you would have noticed this If you had to reinstall your operating system.

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Minor difficulties with the website and there are some apps that do not login even to the master instance here. Dash on a side note Jack Dorsey can remove his servers node by node because I'm not playing this b******* with him.

no idea on my domain but it looks like nxt week. too many bad isps. considered a ho.ebrew beowulf pi cluster but need always reliable connection.

working on bringing southern hedgehogs here, as soon as icloud decides to email me at an account i got locked out of...hmmmm

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