Hh made past age 3- impressed. Not impressed with people shoveling me shit and doing me wrong. Leaving us out in the cold ( literally) will cost people. Not playing no more. Mr kickass is coming.

@snazzyfrazz foxPep, palemoon, and arcticFox may help. Underlying out of date os library problem that Apple wont fix. Msft owns chunks of apple.

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is still available but ive not written in a minute. Seems portaudio sources conflicting with pcsx2 emulator? Investigating. ( Http://Jazz-man.me ) no ssl because gh prevents os9 /osx developers from connecting to gh - for homebrew,etc. circular ssl problem. Debian not affected on ibooks, etc. just mac os.

No ive not violated msft. C devs hard coded the xbl from an og xbox, didn’t like me pointing it out. Other flaws in xbx emu- sounds piped from wrong channel, improper sdl linkage breaking input layer..etc. i dont do 5fa or tracked ip login lockouts. Not for anyone.

they have standards for the web???? then why are they letting you post lmao

Fee fie foe fum. Smelly this jack dorseys bum...time to cut me beanstalk!

What's the use of Instagram? All pics are compressed so it's definitely not for photographers or artists.

I guess the only use of it is to simp for hot models there. And to see ads

This world, particularly n America is being led by mobsters who think they can overpower, takeover, and steal everything.

Here's news. Earn your place. Then I'll call u equal. Degrees in code mean piss. Im eating a PhD alive w sdl in pascal.

The period between "Out for Delivery" and "Delivered" is the most frustrating part of having package tracking.

I support everyone. I don't support terrorism. Full stop. Take it as u may.

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Trucker strike! - or no consequences lawn mowing..either will stop these genocidal anti colonial bigots. Y'all dumbass terrorists getting away w murder- are equals.

We have two traitors and one idiot in Washington that need to be relieved..

I dare somebody to do it. This is not how we treat our military and we should never put our boot through people that are blowing the whistle that clearly the leadership has failed us. Living in such cramped quarters has very dangerous consequences.
I've lived in such Close Quarters for close to five years I know what this is like this is unacceptable treatment from Washington on this matter


Humie dum dum... Make it yo damn self...why wait for China?
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