Taking the og plunge...finally...my own land and “house”.

@snazzyfrazz i had a very fuzzy code couple of months a bit ago. It appears I confused myself a tad.

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@snazzyfrazz .. yes I know it’s currently broken – maybe I should post releases as well on the page? Btw- anyone grabbing ban? Yes, thats fah in the bg.

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Yes. Progress. Slow.

Wtf is up w 0net lately...yeesh... as if different os is a different chunk of it. Never seen it so depopulated. Nor my zites. And y arent nmc trades reasonable? I don’t need 50nmc...

Indian govt trying to control twitter and fb is glitching. If china and India can force thier hand- there is no internet freedom. Fb is ai controlled. Welcome to skynet. ..uhhhh...yeeeahhhh....

Ltc payments for refferals? Litecoininvite.com/?ref=WXajVH5sd

Go fly a trike..just might fix the rocket problems...

I c what you’re doing with shitcoins , elon. Not too shabby.

Rachael maddows (@msnbc) : if we get our act together....(which us still has not). If mark z wants war, hes got one.

The Ever Given is still stuck. The number of ships waiting is impressive. This has to be the greatest armada in history in sheer tonnage.

In the late 90s and early 00s I felt like I didn't want to use any program on my computer anymore, as it felt so clunky and obsolete compared with nascent Web services. Now I want everything back on my computer. Because I know my data is going to stay there tomorrow, and because Web apps are becoming more and more broken.

(Was just hit with "prove you're not a robot" by Yandex Translate after making three requests in a row.)

@CNN can somebody carbon copy the National Guard story from Arizona that ABC 15 got me banned from other accounts for please? I have the headline right here. Because if those were police officers they would be dealing with a corpse - mr. Dorsey owes me a written apology and a manual override. I’m not playing games- and I’m not playing games with Mr. Mark either.

Reddit: Amazon rainforest plots sold via Facebook Marketplace ads: Parts of Brazil's Amazon rainforest are being illegally sold on Facebook, the BBC has discovered. #reddit #internet #news

Reddit: See images of a secretive Israeli nuclear facility at the center of the nation’s undeclared atomic weapons program #reddit #internet #news

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