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fond the in of win10andHS. and I can have my mo-haje if I want to eat it too! however- me thinks 7850 doesnt like it.

What many people have forgotten is that historically most wars have been fought over trade.
Trade wars are almost always the precursor to actual violent inter-nation conflict.

getting a corrupted content alert on logout...hmmm...SSL or secure page flub-up?

its hedgehog time again- check the bonfires and light the heater for a damn domain...12 hosts in 1 is good..but not public. maybe a DNS forwarder-by folder for the zero?

fuck u fackbook and twitter- I have my own platform!

I don't really identity as left or right. Just don't kill me or the planet

if and think im not- im just warming up. anyone know if is out here? phone is stuck on send-wont email on centurylink.

zero: you need a proxy or to be running the service- like i2p. you need python, msgpack, and one other library. im on debian and its installed- so i forget.

southernhedgehogs.bit I know about the images- theres a rsync hack out there to speed up jekyll compiles. worth doing.

-just like BitCoin use was claimed- and still is in part- used by terrorists. so is FIAT- but youre going to blame BTC to try to tackle th network using illegal laws.

you cannot use .bit domains to publish YOU on social media platforms- even though .bit is a valid domain and a valid ZERO service.

so sick of the MKULTRA going on at twitter and FB.. its not conspiracy THEORY when MKULTRA was a CIA clandestine TS project. info leaked out about it. ISPs are using tech to hide info online.

This week, 22k users were active, and they have replied to/followed/favourited/boosted each other 169k times

Support open borders and unlimited, legal immigration.

Freedom of movement is a fundamental human right.


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