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Ein ruhendes Android-Telefon, bei dem Google Chrome im Hintergrund läuft, gibt in einem Zeitraum von 24 Stunden satte 340 mal den Standort an Google durch.

Das ist das Ergebnis der wohl bislang umfangreichsten Studie zu Googles Tracking-Verhalten.

"What do you mean be 'hard coded' in the program?"


So far my fav way to find people here is browsing the followers/following lists of the people I follow and who follow me.

Vanilla is now more expensive per ounce than silver ( So when you hear "Vanilla JavaScript" think "something increasingly rare which should be treasured"!

Junior dev: "I found the bug"

Senior dev: "I found a bug"

"Is WebAssembly the return of Java Applets & Flash?" by Steve Klabnik

Thankfully, the answer is no. 😁

@pixelfed in light of this: have you considered letting the users select a license for uploaded images?

So, 500px, which positioned itself as a Flickr alternative, has announced they're deleting/removing access to all Creative Commons photos on their site. Like, tomorrow. NO warning.

because of GDPR i'm looking for type foundries that allow self hosting of their web fonts _without_ embedding a tracking code. do you know any?

really can't wait to reach the "none" level on duolingo 😂

the solution to the "software being bad" problem is to make all your own software yourself so that you think its good due to the "ikea effect"

Hey Fediverse 👋
If you want a federation as a replacement for GitHub, you can star/comment issues:
- :gitlab: 🔎 cross-server search:;
- :gitlab: 🍴 cross-server merge requests:;
- :gitlab: 💬 share events (comments, likes, ...) via activityPub:;
- :go: 🍴 gogs feration via ActivityPub:
- :go: 🍴 gitea federated merge-requests:
- federate users and repos:

soo… looks like the time has come to to move my code off of github.

really hope gitlab ce is getting cross instance merge requests some time soon:

"... I realized the problem was never the medium. Email was designed to connect people, and it was we who tried to turn it into some sort of hub for all of our junk." on

"Every big door that has opened for me started as an email. Every big deal I’ve closed. Every collaboration. Every conference I’ve been invited to. I even have friendships that have started over email." on

Email is the best. 😊

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