I'm starting to feel like the novelty of VRChat has worn off for me.

More adventures in Raspberry Pi World:

Holy fuck, Ubuntu on the Pi 4 is... genuinely nice. Granted, I did end up switching over to my good old lightweight openbox+tint2+compton setup, but... damn, this thing flies compared to what I expected.

Also, telegram-desktop. On a Raspberry Pi. And it runs well. I'm fucking overjoyed.

I'll try to rice raspbian again like I did way back on the original 3B, though, 'cause damn that was a fun project.

(...is omxplayer still the video player of choice?)

vrchat pics 

Variscite and @xenon looked cool on this map

I am a very big fan of how the title screen for Turrican is directly lifted from a Manowar album cover

vrchat photos 

I didnt take many pictures tonight but here's me sitting on @snowleopardsinspace's tummy and being held by @Aarkethrix while in a hot tub so pretty much a perfect time

vrchat screenshot thread 

Group shot w/ @tiden , @Zest , @Aarkethrix @snowleopardsinspace@mastodon.style, and other very nice people I didn't get the social media of!

Oh hey, respond to people and it turns out my instance is blocked apparently

Why the fuck did I come back to mastodon, again?

Don't get shamed into disabling your adblocker to "support creators".
Ads pay so little, it really doesn't matter.
If you want to do the financial support, just donate to them. That is the equivalent of multiple thousand ad views.

That's how the Librem 5 performs with all the GPU acceleration in place :) @purism #librem5 #phosh

Getting those urges to try to mess around with postmarketOS and old Windows tablets again.

Oh god, please stop me.

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