I don't know why but mastodon makes me a little sad these days

so xmpp: snowleopardsinspace@jabber.calyxinstitute.org if anyone's interested

we'll see how long I keep using it I guess!

Might look into XMPP when I get home tonight. We'll see...

still have this old photo for some reason where i spend 15 bucks on gas and get the original SID part number in gallons. pretty good

The specifications of the ideal web development workstation:

* 1.0 GHz VIA C7, C7-M ULV, Eden (the Esther core one), or Eden ULV
* VIA CN896, VX800/VX800U, or VX855 chipset
* 1 GiB RAM
* 4200 RPM mechanical HDD
* 800x600 display
* 56k modem

It has SSE2, so it'll run every current browser that runs on generic hardware. It has PAE with NX bit, so it'll run current versions of Windows. The integrated graphics is DX9 with WDDM 1.1 drivers, even exceeding Windows 10's minimums.

(also there's definitely going to be a way to bodge it on there, but I dunno if I can be assed)

I mean I guess I could use 10.13 but it wouldn't surprise me if things dropped support for it really quickly

Looks like OS X 10.14 is dropping support for my laptop. (2011 MBP 15")

Looks like I've got another Linux machine joining the fleet. Nothing's tethering me to the Mac anymore, anyway...

you've heard of two-factor authentication but how about, in order to log in you have to name your favorite music from the Turrican games. it's called Factor 5 authentication

I miss lassekongo83's themes so much.

Shit, I miss Windows XP so much. I remember having an absolute blast customizing it.

I know, I know, I'm on Linux, I should really be in heaven regarding customization... but I'm almost intimidated by the options these days. I end up relegating all the ricing and such to test boxes (like my Pi 3), rather than doing it on something I actually use day to day. :(

On the other hand, MATE still feels pretty nice to use...

Also, more Pi fun since I never mentioned it here:

I've gotten ncTelegram up since getting the official client to compile on a Pi is hell.

It's crashy, but it works somewhat. Better than running the Web version, given the 1GB...

Maybe I should just try all this on the XU4 instead and hope the less-supported video chip won't be an issue.

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