@knuxfanwin8 Followed you because of your previous profile picture. Gotta say you've nailed with this new one hahah May I have the source of it?

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#1yrago The EU's Link Tax will be voted on in TWO DAYS: if passed, you won't be able to link to the news except on Big Tech's licensed platforms boingboing.net/2018/06/18/lice

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t440s pride flag laptop skin

getting my ass kicked in a starbucks over this

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Google employees don’t let their kids watch YouTube unsupervised. bloom.bg/2Iot81r via @mhbergen@twitter.com @Lucas_Shaw@twitter.com

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Sucks how we're into the third week of the gay month and after it's over we can't be gay anymore

To everyone using iOS, did you know that if you bookmark Mastodon (or any other instance of it) by adding it to the home screen via Safari, you can use the mobile web client as a standalone app? Now you know! 😉

What if you wanted to open Telegram, but God said: memorystatus_jetsam_thread: no victim!

Any nice Tumblrian to get acquainted with here? :')

Ate a sushi roll with fish seasoned tofu today <3 I need to find out how to make them along with that bubble tea I was washing the sushi down with ~

Today I learned that you can double-press the Overview button to switch to the previously-used app on Android!

Nougat Only ~

fossbytes.com/intel-patch-spec Hurray! My mid 2009 HP Pavilion Dv6 laptop with a Core 2 Duo Txxxx is now officially useless junk I can't trust.

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TIL Chrome is scanning your files, including private folders, in the background as an anti-malware measure


There’s currently no “off” switch, but apparently the devs reassure that scans are local and not “cloud” based. But this still has consent and privacy implications



This moment when you've run out of ideas on how to run your company, but you aren't Elon Musk to sell flamethrowers.

I cannot to not love new Telegram X client, it's near perfect for messaging <3


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tfw you havent been on steam for months and everyone has new names

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Hello Worl-..I mean, Mastodon users! Me and my friend have just registered accounts here. I hope I'll hang around for a while before getting away or something.

Anyway, this is my first post on any social media ever so I'm nervous a bit. ><


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