well now, firmware updates to my laptop via GNOME software (and fwupd) are very nice

@snwh I have the same laptop for work and had the same experience with a super-easy BIOS / EFI / firmware update.

It's amazing that updating the firmware on laptops is actually easier and smoother on Linux than it is on Windows! 😁

@garrett this is the first one I've gotten via fwupd and it's so much better than booting into windows to do it

@snwh Yep, they started doing it for Lenovos this week!

Previously, I had to download a random ISO, run a weird command to extract a payload file to a specific format, flash it to a USB stick, and reboot... then realize it was the wrong one when it didn't work and redid the entire process for the T460s, not the T460p, which was linked from a page for the T460s.

Windows isn't on my work laptop, so I either had to do that each time or not update.

Now? I click a button & reboot.

@snwh Ive only used the terminal app which was stupid-nice. Extremely simple and quick

@snwh Yeah, terminal app is simple and to the point.

I've used it for updating 8bitdo game controllers & a Logitech unifying receiver with test firmware (hence not doing it in GNOME Software, where that all now works).

It's amazing how it works for random USB devices as well as laptops too. 😁

@garrett @snwh
I think Aleix ia trying to implement it into Discover but its not there yet

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