I still see the occasional person on Twitter say that Mastodon will never "succeed", but I wouldn't call what Twitter has "success". Mastodon is good ol' community building.

We don't want to be exhausted by brands and promotion, nor have the platform continue to be unethically designed and lack any backbone for moderation. Federation spreads out the moderation task and the lack of brands and promotional nonsense is good. We can just follow and talk with others which is all people really need.

@snwh Heh. Most of my Birdie friends didn't make the crossing. Their thing is constant stimulation, promoting stuff, and building a following. Despite my irritation at this, I think they have every right to do that. It just made me feel cheap and stressed all the time. I'd rather have a real conversation or real visit to 3-4 people's TLs than have thousands of them constantly rushing by so I can't really get to know anyone.

@amylsacks yeah it's a different experience, I like (sometimes) and use the bird site, but for different reasons.

@snwh Yeah. I use it for news, and try to take a pass on the rest. As with the online version of our dreadful RW newspaper, "Never (or rarely) read the comments."

@amylsacks @snwh Exactly: The "success" or "failure" of social networks is usually defined by social media marketers, and the metric that counts for them is "If I take the time to write a post on it, will it get enough attention to be commercially worth that time?". Luckily, this is not what most Mastodon users are after, and that is a good thing.

@snwh considering all the people I interact with on Mastodon, I'd already consider it quite successful 😀

@snwh interestingly enough, Mastodon is already more successful than Google+ in every metric

@snwh I try to throw in a plug for Mastodon on my Twitter feed whenever I can. When people mention how "thin" the traffic is now, I point out that it's quality, not quantity.

I tell 'em "No ads, no censorship, no Brockbots, no Nazis, no bullshit".

@snwh as a social media platform that isn't out to make money the only question that matters is: "is this a ghost town?"

If the answer is "no", then it has already succeeded.

I think we're doing okay :ghost_owo:

@snwh I dread the day when Mastodon gets populated enough that brand accounts become "profitable."


Mastodon has already succeeded.

We don't have to have all their users... We're just here helping the ones who dream of a better world.

@snwh what I wanna know is what they mean when they say success
do they mean it will never appeal to them specifically?
or maybe that their friends won't want to switch?
are they really talkin about a commercial success?

@snwh it's funny how nobody's metric of success involves a steady, perpetual increase in active user count and server count. Almost feels like they lost the moment they set their win conditions.

@snwh One important thing I see here as a fresh new user is that you can do all the expected things of a distributed network. You can also get the occational SysOp, who sits and reads your posts, because his machine is that low in volume. However, everyone, regardless of preference, can find a home on this network.

@snwh If you dont like the operator on the network segment you chose at first, shrug, go silent, move to another machine. Migration tools are available. Centralized networks are single points of failure (POF) I hate those. Here just feels like short messaging done right. And contrary to other centralized networks, even adult performers have homes on specific network segments. I've been here for only a few days, and I like it more & more. Just need to get my (coding) friends to also come...

@snwh Twitter is no financial success, in fact its a money pit

@Nowansma @snwh As are most startups, no wonder we always talk about their valuation instead of their profit.

@snwh twitter + Drumpf is a massive fail right there. a dumb, annoying, clown show.

TBH, if the aim is to provide a series of loosely interconnected spaces for people to simply interact with, befriend, and support each other, then I think Mastodon already has succeeded.

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