It'd be great if you could switch instances but take all your toots, follows and followers with you. I'd more inclined to move to another instance to lessen the server load on this main one if I didn't have to start over.

@snwh if someone doesn't care enough to follow you on your new instance, why worry about it?

@kai it makes less work for other people to maintain who they follow. But I'm mainly concerned about continuity. If on the surface the transitions were seamless and no one really noticed if you switched instances than it would be great.

@snwh it would be great, but it shouldn't keep you from moving.

If you want a permanent home, you could host through

@kai I don't want permanence. ;) and I don't think it's something people should have to think about either. I'd like to see it be that anyone can seamlessly hop to another instance and take all their followers, etc. with them.

@snwh I would like to see that too. I just don't think it should stop you from moving if you want. Or, set up an alt account.

@vinzv I did that when I moved to this instance, however it doesn't export followers.

@snwh I just had a convo about this with another person, who said this was relatively easy.

@mooshoe - can you lend some insight?

@snwh agreed! If only could use some sort of pgp identity verify... and then broadcast to followers where you are now located on new instance and it just migrates 🤔

@snwh all it would require would be a mastodon equivalent of a http redirect, and the source and target instance and clients to support it. surely some implementation effort but it would ease sunsetting mastodon instances, which is something we will see in the future

@snwh I tried to explain the migration situation here briefly:
TLDR: this is a thing that has been built into Mastodon to some degree, haven't tried it out yet.

@snwh I think that would go a long way to the decentralised mission. A person of influence could be silenced by the instance owner.

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