I’ve been wearing hats every day to curb the urge but apparently that’s not enough to stop me.

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@so_engery I rescheduled my haircut for a few days before I leave so at least I won’t look too...patchy? Cause the sides and back will be shaved down but fuck. I always worry about fitting in, esp at this show, and now I look like I got caught in a fight with a shitty razor. So that’s extra fun.

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Hair pulling 

So I pulled out a big old bald spot in my hair last week and fucked up my hairline pretty bad. It started to grow back and this morning I got real nervous and pulled out another chunk.

I know I’m doing this because I’m worried about ECCC but i can’t cancel and I’m not sure what steps to take. I’ve been wearing hats.

Sorry mastodon is apparently where I come to word vomit all my sad-sack bullshit.

@so_engery aspects of the hair cutting process for me.

The person coming today isn’t just cutting my hair but a bunch of trans/agender/non binary folks hair as well. I’m the only one with scalp problems but it’s nice that other people who don’t feel great in hair places (getting charged on perceived gender sucks ass) feel safe coming to my apt and getting their hair done by someone who doesn’t judge and is super good at cutting hair.

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Gender/Self Harm 

My hair has always been so important to me, even though it looks crazy and I can’t stop pulling it out. It’s one of the few things I’m able to control in this very AFAB body and use as a cur for gender (or lack of) expression. And it sucks to feel anxiety over having someone other than rob or myself touch it.

Years of medical induced photosensitivity and aggressive pulling has left my scalp lookin rough. And I’m really grateful to have a hairdresser who is sensitive to all

Gonna get my ‘hawk trimmed down today.

Super grateful that the person who comes to cut my hair is super cool about my PLE scalp problems/hair pulling. I’ll never forget the time last year I got a $50 haircut and the first thing the dude cutting my hair did was freak out about my patchy/burned scalp.

Didn’t feel great.

Hi All! #Commissions are extra open right now (yay, unexpected bills!) Standard waist-up couples commissions are $75, and I can add people/pets/details for a little extra.

I also draw pets, OCs, RPG characters, etc. I like to keep it to original stuff, but I'll sometimes make exceptions for reinterpretations of characters, or characters in different settings (see L&C example below) I have a general style, but can go more/less cartoony, different ink styles, etc.

Email me at RoriComics@gmail.com to inquire :D

I have the eyes of one Eraserhead and the hair of another. I am a tired, confusing combo.

@so_engery it’s people not oriole - my fingers are dumb and so am I in the ways of science but I know for a FACT mussels are not even kind of almost plants.

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My brother keeps trying to convince oriole mussels are almost plants.

My brother is a LITERAL BOTANIST.

The teenagers were back on the studio roof - and as a studio we chased them off it. What a group activity.

It’s so early and I hate seeing the sun but I love to pump iron.

I backlit my panel and man, I hate purple but I used a looooot if it’s

@so_engery Gary is such a cool dude. He does silver smithing and has a huge a LoTR tattoo. He told my brother he was an ent and called me an orc so we are on great terms.

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My brother and I finished our windows tonight and got Gary the Tolkien Glass Dwarf’s phone number so we can work on more panels.

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