Yup, a filter on the domain eliminated a lot of it. Tempted to permablock, rather than only hide, but much better for now.

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I made pierogi for Easter and I’m only now cooking them to eat 🤦 they’re delicious, though!

Is there a way to flat out block Twitter RTs, without blocking the follow? Mute the url maybe?

I think it’s time for an

I’m a website with over 15 years of experience. I tinker and experiment while (mostly) sticking with . I’m curious in new tech but hold off until it stabilized.

I’m a fan of craft , and . I tend to be passionate about my overall views… sorry not sorry. I’m pretty dang liberal. Willing to discuss and argue, but only with reasonable folk.

Amazing weather today. I’m glad that summer isn’t fully here yet.

My wife told me about the 20/20/20 rule today when it comes to eye strain while working:

"After 20 minutes of work, look at something 20 feet away. Then go and spend 20 years in the forest."

I have no idea what I want to use Mastodon for. To post things I'm concerned about or interested in? To only be perpetually optimistic? I don't tend to share _too_ many personal things anymore, and it seems I'm just jaded regarding world, state, and local affairs.

Life is a whirlwind. Wedding Thursday, visited my Dad on Saturday, Beth's grandmother passed on Saturday, Sunday was Mother's Day, Family goes to Disney on Wednesday with me following on Friday.

Happy Mother’s Day! Remind your politicians to take care of women, mothers or not, and their children… with improved healthcare access, access to safe abortions and contraceptives, proper support networks, daycare… the list goes on.

Post-bathtub routine for Emmeline and I. We watch 2 episodes of

Which is ignoring that ~50% of my posts have already been political in some capacity 🤦‍♂️

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I'm aiming to keep politics out of my Mastodon account, but the insanity in this country is making it very hard.

This account may just become a "share-some-more-news" account, because again and again, they're spot on with the state of affairs. youtube.com/watch?v=Yq9lgpJbNn


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