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i just realised that i have never been able to function when i am presented with a little more than the choice needed

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Most humans are not themselves, they are just a puppet following the learned survival tactics taught to them by the systems running around them.
Monkeys are being trained to beat the competition and in the process, they are missing the bigger picture and are destroying the planet.

nobody i s perfect .don't try to fake perfection

just because one is a blood relative does not mean that one is obliged to do things this is sickness

although i have dreams and passion, but nowadays i feel i always need some kind of motivation

i want to stop talking to my family because they are not healthy to talk to because the relationship has gone worse, i want to do so many other things that inspire me and maybe i just need to focus to do them , but my body is not alright for that, god please help me , i have so much to do in so little time ,i know i can do it because i have already been doing it , but i really need someone to love me for the time being , i din't realise how important loved one in life is , so much forgranted lif

i just wanna get back to my old health i am ill , i feel extremely dizzy , mey head hurts , my eye are paining , the problme is i can't sleep and i need towk but i can't , it is extremely boring i don't know what to do , i tried to read book but need to found a more intresting one my gains are also reducing , i need to learn new healthy recipes for my body ,

i was very ill yesterday , so it was not very productive

master the skill of indexing and revising your thoughts, experiences and journey in an unadulterated and good manner , if you do that your life will change

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