If you're an active artist on mastodon and would be interested in being interviewed by me to talk about why you like mastodon for art, and would consent to the interview being published on the joinmastodon.org blog, please respond to this and let me know!

I'll only pick a few people and mostly at random but preferably artists who use mastodon to share their art or talk to other artists would be preferred.

Does anyone here have any experience with Comptia certs cause I've got a question: I've got an A+ cert I let lapse a year back and I'm wondering if I have to retake the test to be re certified or if there's something else I can do

Genuinely curious, is there anything you wish the Mastodon twitter account would highlight about Mastodon more? Anything you wish people on twitter knew about Mastodon

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our donkey, who hath depression, uninflected be thy tone

Brian Wilson was 24 when he composed Surf's Up. Fucking hell

And she was right in the rain of the bullets that eventually brought her down

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What's a good liquid eyeliner that just won't be like.... Completely gone three hours after I put it on

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