Genuinely curious, is there anything you wish the Mastodon twitter account would highlight about Mastodon more? Anything you wish people on twitter knew about Mastodon

@tootbrute @sociallyeleanor dunno if that's necessary a selling point, seeing as twitter has em too..


actually maybe if it was just a mirror of the cryptids local?

like that seems viable.

@sociallyeleanor “official” numbers of latest total Matodon users, info when key builds go live....

@sociallyeleanor I don't know what does the Mastodon twitter account currently posts, but the fact that there is a lot of cool people to meet on the fediverse. I don't know if it is really possible, but I think it is one of the best way to "advertise" the fediverse.

@sociallyeleanor Someone else mentioned it, but each instance is more of a tight-knit community. Yes, Twitter has such communities, but they are harder to get involved in and are less organized. In the Fediverse, you just have to go to your local timeline and be somewhat social.
Also, moderation can be more transparent than on Facebook; random suspensions rarely (if ever) happen.

No ads.
No data tracking.
People are nice to each others (mostly)

@sociallyeleanor community and accountability with the moderating structure

@sociallyeleanor Being able to follow accounts from across the fediverse (like Peertube, Pixelfed, @writeas_org etc) is unique and attractive.

Though, might make sense to get Peertube to fix their federation first (it hasn't been working for months)

@sociallyeleanor I guess some great GIF-based feature showcasts would be nice.

For example a GIF that shows how to use custom emoji. Or a short gif that shows how to enable the advanced timeline, etc.

I guess this would simply make things more visible to followers on how Mastodon works. (And those can also be used for manuals)

On a Gnome-based desktop Peek should be the application to get this job done.


No celebrities. (Though I understand a lot of people consider that a drawback. :D )

@sociallyeleanor Although I'm on Mastodon, I try not to call Twitter 'bird-site', since I think that's a little derogatory - I want people of Twitter to know that not all users of Mastodon are using slurs against Twitter

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