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@Deepsealioness - here it goes - I'm an amateur philosopher (interested in rhetoric, fallacies and arguments - sophist style) and an aspiring travel writer. I've roadtipped over 75% of the contiguous U.S; trekked, camped and climbed in over 10 national parks there.

I'm recently unemployed; quit my job in the U.S and moved back home (Chennai) to write about my other travel experience ces/stories and consult here. I love discourses on religion, ethics and morality, colonialism and cricket.

To whom do I need to speak about getting off this 2020 ride and a possible refund?

On that note; hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Lol!

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We can't tolerate the truth, because we know everything is futile. We create attachments and we develop finite things (technology, food, etc) because we are weak, because we found ourselves here against our wish and we are scared, we want to fool ourselves that everything is fine and normal, but if we only think purely, it is clear that life is senseless and time, space, infinity transcend our power.

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We have nothing to do here apart from nonsensical finite activities. We buy food in order to maintain an organism which will be annihilated by time anyways.

We buy all this expensive stuff in order to fulfill an ego based on social norms deeply impregnated in our subconsciousness, which cannot stand the real boredom of life, which cannot stand the truth, the pointlessness of life.

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Consciousness is indeed impossible to explain, but realizing this helps with absolutely nothing.

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Why do we obsess over happiness so much? I mean it's a state of mind - comes and goes - why does it have to be permanent?

Someone somewhere has gone through something much worse and made it through, why cant I?

I find that tidying up helps clear my head a bit.

Let's keep in mind; famines are political events just as much as they are ecological ones.

Why are some people so opposed to a livable planet?

How do you know if something is a cry for help or attention?

Would you monetize your hobbies? If yes, why?

Elizabeth Shue in cocktail is what dreams are made of.

Took a break from Sartre and switched over to Shashi Tharoor's Inglorious Empire. Boy was that a bad idea. I think it's time to give Modern Love a shot.

Have you figured out what your passion is? If yes, how?

@h_tejas has got a brilliant thread going on . Do take a look.

Listening to Inglorious Empire by Shashi Tharoor on Audible. I'm constantly pausing it and yelling "they did what?!" "No way?!" "How dare they?!" And I'm only on second chapter.

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Can we skip favourite and go right to boost? I don't want to take it slow.

If you're new to Tamil literature; where do you start? Any simple (not verbose) tamil novel/short story collections?

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