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A lot of my toots are cross posted from Birdsite. If you see a toot starting with "RT" it's not mine, just boosted!

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*tries to register horse in BotW*

"Are you sure you want to name your horse HORSE_UUID_7a7dc59?"

*mistypes drush en -y datetime_range as datetime_rage*

*A long string of obcene tirades pours out of the CLI about the Gregorian system*

RT Reminder that PHP 5.6 and 7.0 will soon be end of life. If you haven't upgraded to 7.1 or 7.2, make sure you do so before December!

Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

Please tell me Detective Pikachu will be to Anime what Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law was to Hanna Barbara.

Debating if I should finally get rid of my books on refactoring and design patterns. I love those books, but I haven't needed to open them in a decade.

Still kinda upset that after four hours of outlining yesterday I was just...done.

RT *Zelda intensifies*

Had to resort to the power saw a few times since it is 3" maple. The squaring was all hand tools.

RT Today in cyberpunk dystopia news:

My feed is full of Californians complaining that FaceID doesn’t work with the breath masks they’re wearing to cope with the fires.

RT lol

> Ever use one of those fancy color palette generators? The ones where you pick a starting color, tweak some options that probably include some musical jargon like "triad" or "major fourth", and are then bestowed the five perfect color swatches?

RT six months ago, after a nightmare year, uber ended forced arbitration for harassment suits

this week, after a global protest and enormous scandal, google did too

now today, Facebook follows

Tech companies are not “leaders of progress.” They respond to pressure and pain.

Two hours into the process, and I'm *finally* getting somewhere clean installing this iMac.

As opposed to every other OS out there:

1. Download the system image using any machine.
2. Use DD to write it.
3. Boot. Select "Clean Install".

5. Use DiskUtility to wipe the drive.
6. Then install the OS.
7. Then apply the updates, because they're only available as a stub from within the iTunes store.

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