A version of the film Dune, but it replaces every use of the name "Usul" with "Tonsil".

Meanwhile, the board members slap each other on the back, congratulating themselves on a job well done and return home to sleep the sleep of the just.

Those of us with pink slips have long and sleepless nights ahead of us.

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A government run like a business.

And like a business, it has fired it's workers to benefit themselves. Proudly proclaiming, "Not my problem anymore".

In order to create parity with phablets, late 90s to Early 2000s palmtop PCs and PDAs shall now be known as "Chonklets".

It is ridiculous and joyful how conferences are being held not just via video conferences, but also in multiplayer games.

Conferences in Animal Crossing, Minecraft, hell, even Fortnite have advantages over a sterile, "professional" experience.

Car culture is a sham. There was no need for so many to own a car, must less commute every day.

Meanwhile, internet access isn't considered a utility.

Think about that.

It's worse than that, isn't it?

It's not just that USian "individualism" is an illusion born of just-in-time logistics.

It's the deep seeded rejection of all mutual responsibility held together by adversarial power plays facilitated by "the one with the money makes the rules."

Me after playing a port of the original FF7 most of the weekend:

Why does this game feel so amateurish in places? Like half finished and time constrained?

Me, after reading the dev history:


Can you borrow one to Isabelle? All that TV can't be good for her...

I barely get an hour's rest each day between work, home upkeep, and sleep.

Weekends are little better. Endless days of errands, chores, and "we must do this now!" panic-tasks.

My opinion on existence is somewhere south of ground level right now.

I think I've had one good night's sleep in the last week. Even then, it was only five hours.

Disappointing you can't rename Cloud to "Other People's Computers" really.

Played enough FF7 (original, not the remake) tonight to get to the point where I'm about to put Cloud in a dress.

Why can't the whole game just be every increasing improbable fetch quests to make Cloud Go Spinny?

The best part is how the cheery music keeps playing like a lo-fi chillhop channel during an anxiety attack

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