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When you're a classical artist but still copy paste.

I don't think I stopped to rest for more than 30 minutes at any point this evening.

I never seem to do enough anymore.

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the craziest part of browsing the web with noscript on is finding out which parts of a web are actually served off of completely different domains, and how many requests actually do nothing for the content of the webpage at all

RT Look at these model sheets! I love the classic Sailor Moon for its willingness to push expressions ;_;
I need to study more 90's anime... Not only getting the nostalgia back, but it's so freaking inspiring.

RT Looking for a trans pixel artist who’s open for commissions. Any reqs?

RT It’s still AMP. It’s still a “walled garden”. Basically, AMP is Compuserve...

RT Ever wonder what happens when you yank the pull cord on an aircraft emergency slide?

Wonder no more.

Here's your excuse to get Pyre everyone. Fun game, great soundtrack, multi path story with memorable characters.

RT I caught my cat running out of my office with my yubikey in his mouth--a threat model I hadn't considered.

RT Thoughts While On Hold:

"Q Who" isn't a TNG episode. It's a Doctor Who episode with Guinan as The Doctor and guest starring TNG's cast and featuring the Cybermen.

Some days I wish I had enough time to write a book, "Drupal Shop in a Box!" on how to run everything on open source automation, from local dev to production.

I think I may have sorted out a minimal, Alpine-based Docker container that runs Apache as non-root.

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All these people getting Upset over FreeBSD getting a CoC are doing a great job proving why FreeBSD could use a CoC

"But how can we be sure the killer tomatoes are ethical consumers of humanity? How can we be sure they simply don't feast on anyone that wonders by their tomato-y maw?"

RT Here kitty kitty!, Minnesota's first cat cafe, will celebrate its grand opening this Friday, February 16. 😻😽🎉

RT git clone --depth 1