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A lot of my toots are cross posted from Birdsite. If you see a toot starting with "RT" it's not mine, just boosted!


Modern vs moderate agile by is still great. Which one are you targeting?

I'm starting to think having the leader of an open source project also be the CEO of a company profiting from an open source project is...problematic at best.


Ok I’ve figured out what the new slack logo reminds me of:

Any effort toward medicare for all in the US must be paired with the requirement for all medical providers to accept it, and make it illegal for providers to self-select their own clients.


lol look at the pallas’s cat slumbering

It occurs to me that a good alternative to master/develop in git would be to borrow Alpine Linux's terminology: stable/edge


VirtualBox has a read-only TFTP server, accessible from unprivileged guest users, which was vulnerable to directory traversal...


Today I learned:

`/usr` stands for “universal system resources” not “user”

`/dev` stands for “device” not “development”

Had no idea.

RSS is still the backbone of podcasts no matter how much Apple likes to make people think any different.


people say that linux doesnt have good games, and yet, git rebase exists


I didn't ask about the gender breakdown of poll respondents, but there is definitely a target demographic in mind here.

So many hardware things are by boys for boys. Surface mount soldering and rhinestone nail art are basically the same. If you've done one, you can do the other.


tired: me
wired: also me

OH: "Wolverine is basically Rowsdower except his hands are forks."

"It is entirely too early in the day for this sort of realization."

Need to install's Terminus? <3 Ansible?

My new role has you covered, complete with multiple version and update support:

So, last night was 4 hours of fitful sleep, followed by 3 hours of not-quite-nightmare by the end of which I had to hit the mental wake up button.

It's gonna be a long day.


New releases of Drupal 8 and 7 are available which fix the regression in some Drush commands. If you have other problems with this release, please file an issue.


StackOverflow tried to sell their job board to me today. 🙅‍♂️

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