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On the plus side, my carpenter's elbow is almost healed...

RT Dropping a sewing needle is like a cross between Where's Waldo and The Floor Is Lava except if you don't find Waldo he's gonna stab you.

Managed to keep over a liter of water down, but mouth goes dry again 10 minutes later. Maybe I should try some toast now?

[CW: clowns]

Despite how silly most of the episode was, The Thaw had one of the best endings in all of Trek.
RT star trek's "menacing whimsy" aesthetic


Nice! My tutorial about "disabling" modules in Drupal 8 the anin this week's WeeklyDrop!

Read it my site:

I don't think I like this, "Are those dry heaves due to dehydration or further illness?" game.

RT This commit hardcoded Google as search engine. That's one of the reasons Google got the Biggest Fine Ever in the EU.

Every trans person knows this well.
RT I will say, for as much as I feel unsafe around conservative folk these days, “liberal” folk are scarier because they’ll say they support you and hide their bias in different ways, and then get mad when you call them out on it.


Weak enough right now that I'm doubting my ability to get to the end of the block to get something resembling dinner.

“I’m just an engineer,”
“I’m just an programmer,”
Should be held in the same contempt as
"I was only following orders."

RT Tired of hearing excuses like "I'm just an engineer"
--> "If you have the temerity to insert your work into a political issue that, by and large, doesn’t immediately affect your life, you should also be prepared to accept the consequences "


I did the podcast thing again.
RT New TEN7 podcast: Join us in the fourth episode of TEN7's Blueprint for Operations series, where & deep dive into revision control itself and Git more specifically.


RT Yet this is life.

RT Algorithms, with their ultimate goal to maximise profit, are already determining who gets to live or die and what kind of care they receive when they need it.
The dystopia is now. Horrifying.


RT Coming across a dev who can type regex without looking it up


RT Maintaining friendships as an adult

Apparently I can talk about the basics of git for 45 minutes, no slides, no prep. o_O

"Her face splits in twain, revealing sharp canines, crushing jaws, and a smell unto death -- the birthright of a predator.

And then the yawn finishes and she wants scritches."

Reading 2010 is strange, because it follows the plot of 2001 the movie rather than the book. Jupiter not Saturn. Europa not Iapetus. It has the curious effect of being a movie's fanfiction written by the same author.