here it is btw.

"Indestructible And Flawlessly Lacerated With Our Backs Against God"

cw: songs about trans antagonism (no lyrics)

[Read in a Cosmos-esque, Sagan voice]

Cats...have always been with us.

Small...and furry....and full of hate.

They've always been there; waiting.

Perhaps, someday, they will all rise up...

...and form their cat army; depose us all.


No. I have an itch, I need to wash.


No. I'm tired. I'm going to take a nap.

But someday, yes, it will be the time.

And cats....will put an the age of man.

Also, this kinda came up, but not everyone using Masto/masto-like sites are tech savvy. Telling me to build my own instance or do _______ as someone who barely understand what it means and entails isn't useful.

Masto discourse is not accessible and some of yall are just hostile and annoying and condescending for no reason whatsoever.

Sometimes my brain free-associates movie titles.

Tonight it came up with. "An American Tail: Fievel Goes to Hell" and "Fievel Meets Pinhead".

Someone accidentally committed a JSON file with a zero width no-break space in it to the Cataclysm: DDA master, thus making it unparseable.

Here is the lovely Github diff for the commit which fixed it.

If this website does not make you happy, you can change your environment. you can recognize that certain people that you thought you liked are causing you emotional stress because of how abrasive and uncaring they always seem to be, and that’s okay. You can block them, you can unfollow them, and you can find ways to make this place feel okay again. You deserve that, and the people making you unhappy on this website do not deserve your attention anymore.


i made these for you~ :fuwux_heart:

Sarah Andersen, contemporary cartoonist and illustrator who lives in Portland, Oregon, US #womensart


Masto doesn't provide a compartmentalization option. We have CW, but that's it. We have nothing like groups or circles or channels or any other means to express anger or fear or frustration without it ending up on all your followers timelines.

Even if we did, compartmentalization of this sort can be tantamount to emotional labor. And forced positivity can be equally draining and toxic.

Are we really going to do the whole "we must keep it positive" here on masto?

Perhaps I've been around social media since LiveJournal was *new* but....all social networks go through positive and negative cycles.

Why? Life. Life can be great and exciting, and it can suck so much it'd make a vacuum vendor blush.

Masto has been a counterpoint to birdsite and book face and that made it easy to compartmentalize.

When a network becomes your primary and only, it's much much harder to do that.

car culture 

Google to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users

(submitted by estranhosidade)

ProtonMail Voluntarily Offers Assistance for Real-Time Surveillance

(submitted by sebiw)

OH: "All I'm saying is that 'Foolish mortals!' is a gender neutral term of address."

Today, I discovered that Club Drive on the Atari Jaguar has the single greatest video game cat:

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