RT i wanted to see what music was on voyager and like.... this is kind of sad.

we sent music to aliens in the 70s but we're not allowed to listen to it because "lol copyrights"

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@socketwench it was entrapment for the aliens. We will capture and detain them for DMCA violation, and then exoeriment on them.

@socketwench did nasa pay the record labels to put music on the golden record? because sending music to aliens should be fair use

@socketwench Copyright infringement by aliens! Those entertainment mafia lawyers are probably the first from Earth having first contact.

@dabnotu @socketwench that's neat, and if you open the page's source code, there are download links to the mp3s!

@socketwench the aliens are going to have hell to pay if they show up playing that record :ms_thinking:

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