Would anyone be interested in a Basic Linux tutorial series? I see so many devs that just don't have enough sysadmin experience, and it's a devops barrier.

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@socketwench I'm in a Linux class right now through my local college, but I don't think I'm getting any "but what does this mean and how would I use it" information. I would love something from a useful perspective and not just academics.

@gemlog @socketwench @vfrmedia i've been part of the crowded field at various times, and mostly feel like for all the efforts, a lot of them (including mine) are pretty lacking in various ways.

always worth an attempt, but i think i'd advise studying what's already out there and trying to succeed in the places / for the people that it doesn't, rather than just starting from first principles.

@brennen @socketwench @vfrmedia That's a good insight. First principles are covered pretty well, but there may be room for helping people gateway from specific backgrounds.

@brennen @socketwench @vfrmedia Just thought of another angle (for which I don't have a solution).
Devops is very stressful. At some point I was writing code for and actively maintaining ~40 websites or so. I found myself in A&E (emerg) one day with a bp of 254/143. That is not a Good Thing as it turns out ;-)
None of the howtos give you a decent roadmap for that.
Although, some various bits about backups, maint. scheds and hardening contribute to piece of mind, yes
Devops is a tough row to hoe

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