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RT I'll be real upset if this isn't in Infinity War.

RT How Disney ’s multiplane camera worked.

RT Good morning, just wanted to remind you that Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and Kazuki Takahasi (Yugioh) are fans of each other’s work and did an art trade once

RT The worst Sonic level

RT This is so horribly accurate.
I lolled.

RT imagine waking up for church every sunday when u could get an entire year of worship done in 1 serving

And now we go live to my coworker for an instant code review...

RT Did you know Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat (Ho Sung Pak) was also a ninja turtle? He was the Raphael stunt double in the first two TMNT movies!

Minneapolis now has bike specific traffic lights. O_o

RT We are the daughters of the one with broken wings. We shall inherit the soil.

RT How autonomous vehicles will change cities...

RT Stephen Hawking’s final Reddit comment is worth reading.

Wait, there's a new version of Site Audit module? You bet'cha!

Still working on fixing the Packagist entry so Composer will install it correctly.


RT I wonder why we can’t fund social programs

RT I swear, the fact that damn near every posing of the self-driving car trolley problem doesn't have "it just stops and waits" as an option makes me more worried about humans than it does about AI.

RT fun new super mario 2 discovery: birdo will shoot fireballs more often after being damaged

3 HP: 12.5%
2 HP: 18.75%
1 HP: 25%

i don't think anybody knew this before