RT @PxlPhile@twitter.com: @qconlondon@twitter.com @jessfraz@twitter.com @justincormack@twitter.com I'm going to leave this here 😁

If this isn't a farm and sheep oriented version of Evangelion, I will be disappointed.
RT @darkhorizons@twitter.com Trailer: "Farmageddon: Shaun the Sheep Movie" darkhorizons.com/trailer-farma

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I now want to see maid mario thwack of goomba with a broom.
RT @bf_taka@twitter.com Are you saying we could have gotten schoolgirl mario, maid mario, and also pow block on his ass mario

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Almost done with the workbench/shooting board/planing board thing!

The entire right column.
RT @ComicDSD@twitter.com Which one are you?

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
RT @Newsweek@twitter.com Hawaii seal gets eel stuck up nose bit.ly/2EfCCLt

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RT @tsplanets@twitter.com: It is becoming increasingly clear just how lucky @NASAInSight@twitter.com was to have landed in a nice, flat, open spot for drilling and not in the beautiful but much-more-treacherous area surrounding its little spot.

RT @BrandonMagner@twitter.com: β€œLabor unions are outdated and unnecessary in the modern economy. Today’s workers are better off negotiating for increased pay and benefits on an individual basis.”

- all of my economics professors

RT @ryanaraine@twitter.com: On the looming browser (Chromium) monoculture, Mozilla isn't mincing words blog.mozilla.org/blog/2018/12/

Been busy today making Healthcheck module configurable, so you can tailor it just for your site

MS creates IE.
MS destroys IE.
Google creates Chrome.
Chrome destroys MS.
Google creates IE.

RT @olivebrinker@twitter.com: Rae the Doe #180 - CAPTCHA
🦌 patreon.com/raethedoe

Hellraiser 4. Yes, it's the one "in space", but that's only one of three time periods of that film. And while only one of those was competently done, it was a notable upswing from Hellraiser 3, even if not an entirely successful one.
RT @BDisgusting@twitter.com While we all wait for that Avengers 4 trailer...

What's your favorite 4th installment in a horror franchise?

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RT @tokugifs@twitter.com: Masked Rider (1995)
Episode 7

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