Okay...who of you commissioned a 90's Dark Crystal PC game directed by David Lynch?
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RT @collinkrum@twitter.com: This is the best visualization of wake vortices I’ve ever seen.

RT @wimremes@twitter.com: this is going into all my security presentations

Now that the finish is cured, the winding sticks definitely pass the shiny and the use-y requirements.

RT @br_@twitter.com let's talk about the java software update prompt

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RT @hanabel@twitter.com: You may have heard this week's announcement that support for *both* Drupal versions 7 and 8 will end in Nov. 2021.

What does this mean for resource-constrained nonprofits using Drupal? Especially the 4 out of 5 sites still on Drupal 7?


RT @reggenator@twitter.com: QUIERO FOTOS DE SPIDERMAN

RT @nathandelune@twitter.com: Was having the saddest day so made this to cheer me up and it worked. rt for good luck

I continue to be unconvinced this was a "mistake".

This was testing the waters.
RT @TransEquality@twitter.com The full statement from the Department of State:

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The winding sticks are finished!

Yes, most of the wood stain came off, but it still turned out okay!

RT @AffectConf@twitter.com: Like our Color Communication buttons and want to bring them to your own events and things? The template is now available for download! affectconf.com/resources

Somehow I think this would have been better than the touchbar on MacBooks...
RT @verge@twitter.com Asus’ new laptop has a touchscreen trackpad

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Media rent-seeking in action.
RT @drandersgs@twitter.com Me: Hey Apple, three movies I bought disappeared from my iTunes library.
Apple: Oh yes, those are not available anymore. Thank you for buying them. Here are two movie rentals on us!
Me: Wait... WHAT??

@tim_cook@twitter.com when did this become acceptable?

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I think it's time to add a couple more patches to my jacket, just in time for fall.

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