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RT When someone says, "Hey, can you explain how Drupal content types intersect with design systems?" and fifteen minutes later you realize you've made an infographic


She spins, she lights, she doesn't blow up!

Finally got the ceiling medallion.

RT Hyperlink

RT New post: Why gesture-based interfaces haven’t lived up to the hype. We often inherit aesthetic ideas about technology from cinema, but don’t realize how difficult they might be for daily use.


RT HUGE milestone from the initiative: Media Library committed to 8.6! :D A great collaboration between the Media + UX + Accessibility teams!

RT Someone on Reddit has photoshopped art ladies into a modern office and it's just excellent.

RT Sweet Jesus, I am laughing so hard at this.

RT The EU's latest copyright proposal is so bad, it even outlaws Creative Commons licenses

RT my brother bought a copy of god of war from a used game store and they didnt have a cover so they drew one. on the back of a disney video game cover. im screaming

RT Lets use XML for the log output

RT Peter Pound's concept art for DARK CITY (1998)


RT 1PLAY ¥100


RT Stretchable Metal-Polymer Conductor for wearable circuit and biocompatible electronics.

Guess who thought she didn't need a ceiling medallion...