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RT If you're a URM and you only receive general, positive feedback from your manager, this might be why:


RT 1PLAY ¥100


RT Stretchable Metal-Polymer Conductor for wearable circuit and biocompatible electronics.

Guess who thought she didn't need a ceiling medallion...

Front lawn mowed, some yard work done. Once I recover from that I should get to editing.

I keep forgetting I have one of these. I should try to spin it up one day...

RT When I first began learning to code, I saw `public static void main` in Java and was super confused. I was also reading a book that spent a page explaining each keyword. JavaScript was a relief coming from that verbosity.

Well, today I wrote this line of code 🤷‍♀️

RT Here's a good mnemonic to convert Miles to Kilometers using the Fibonacci numbers (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13...): 3 mi≈5 km, 5 mi≈8 km, 8 mi≈13 km. Also the ratio between 1 mi and 1 km is very close to the Golden Ratio ≈1.61

One tutorial rewritten, 4 new ones written, none left.

Editing tomorrow, I guess?

Kinda wishing there was a Drupal camp in Canada I could go to... I've never been there.

One tutorial rewritten, two new tutorials written, two to go.

Yesterday I managed to get my hands on a nearly pristine Stanley 50 -- yes, 50, not 45 or 55) -- combination plane.

These don't seem common in the US. Were they more a thing elsewhere?

RT So, fun fact about Ramiel, my favorite Angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion:
It's a direct reference to Super-X, a mech from Future Policeman Urashiman, a 1983 anime.

RT Folks are sharing the We Belong Here poster again, so I'm making them 20% off this weekend with the code RHFHVWB. Those proceeds will go to immigrant legal service provider