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RT when people say "capitalists should get paid thousands of times more than their workers because they take the risk," they're lying. workers take all of the risk. they can be kicked to the curb with nothing to their name in an instant.

RT Did you know Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat (Ho Sung Pak) was also a ninja turtle? He was the Raphael stunt double in the first two TMNT movies!

Minneapolis now has bike specific traffic lights. O_o

RT We are the daughters of the one with broken wings. We shall inherit the soil.

RT TSA at JFK: Remove ALL Electronics AND books from your luggage.

Me: Wait...books?

TSA: it’s new mam

Me: *starts pulling out books and notebooks like the overarmed badass in an action movie being forced to surrender her weapons at the door*

RT It totally blows my mind that there are adults who are mad at students for peacefully assembling and simply asking the government to help stop them from being murdered at school

RT How autonomous vehicles will change cities...

OH: "Cats are block chain, basically."

Cat: "MEEow!"
Cat: "MEEEOW!"
Me: "What do you know about Metatags? you're a cat."

RT if other professions interviewed like some of the worst parts of the tech industry:

doctor: so, uh, how much medicine do you do in your free time? are you hacking on any operations at home?

librarian: talk to us about the organization/cataloging strategies you use at home

RT gorgeous macOS (remote) browser bug + exploit chain to ring-0 🔥😍

RT Stephen Hawking’s final Reddit comment is worth reading.

RT oh man I just read a really bad take about Kubernetes and computing ecosystems and lemme tell ya

this whole devops thing is now canceled

Wait, there's a new version of Site Audit module? You bet'cha!

Still working on fixing the Packagist entry so Composer will install it correctly.

Starting to think that Packagist doesn't refresh the project type unless you do a new primary release. Maybe it's time for Site Audit 8.x-2.2, then?

Composer "type: drupal-drush" is supposed to install something to <site_root>/drush, right? Site Audit is still getting installed to modules/contrib for some reason...

There really should be a bittersweet urban legend about what happens to loyalty cards to establishments now closed.