RT @NewDansvilleBoy@twitter.com: @ryanqnorth@twitter.com always providing the questions we want to ask :p

Orbital in the early 90s: "Why must we destroy the earth?"

Late 90s: "Is there any meaning in modern life at all?"

2000s: "Maybe everything will be okay?"

2018: "Monsters Exist."

So when Han said, "It's not like dusting crops, boy!" Did Luke wonder what in the hell a crop duster even was? Tatooine isn't known for it's plains-style USian agriculture...

@david I don't think AMP depends on the phone, or even the browser. That's what makes it so insidious.

RT @mjg59@twitter.com: The end goal of free software has to be to ensure that as many people as reasonably possible can take advantage of the four freedoms. If abusive individuals stand in the way of that, it's in the interests of free software to do whatever's necessary to bypass them.

RT @mjg59@twitter.com: Some of those barriers are technical (DRM, proprietary software, undocumented hardware) and some are social (unwelcoming communities, abusive maintainers). You don't get to focus on one category and deny the other.

RT @mjg59@twitter.com: A reminder that free software is fundamentally about breaking down barriers preventing people from participating in a social endeavour that grants them more control over their computers, and anyone who argues against that process is not helping the cause of free software

RT @wiredferret@twitter.com: Dear conferences. Please, please, please, for the love of small adorable kittens, put your conference dates on every page. All of them. In the footer, too.

The date is burned in your mind, and has been for months, but not the rest of us.

@KitRedgrave That author has a very interesting personal account of why she gave up on the software industry. If you enjoyed this piece of hers, you might also enjoy this other one:


RT @mattdesl@twitter.com: In case you missed it...

A while back, I wrote "math-as-code", a cheat sheet that explains mathematical notation with code:


"I'll just release this as Open Source!"

*first issue gets submitted*

*fails to remember how to spell baguette*
*Writes "bread sword" instead*

Just now:
*Bright flash*
*Loud thunder...followed by... cable breaking noises?*
*Firehouse alarm*

At best, opening AMP's governance is about corps scratching each other's backs.

At worst, AMP is the proprietary web.

And now they plan to strong arm the rest of us into using it.

finally do I have the proper way of looking at the fediverse :icon_mrgreen:

also yes it's fully functional and I'm actually using it as my main interface right now

So...that's the first time someone described my icon as a "pickle angel". It's not, but I can't stop laughing anyways at how appropriate that is...

Can't seem to push, pull, or clone from Drupal.org any more. Git just hangs. Worked 4 days ago...

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