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No, brain. I've watched too much bad Sci-fi to think "al'y'all" is a good shorthand for "all [of] you all".

So that's why fat tire bikes are so popular in MN.

I really need to figure out a testing harness for Site Audit...

I really need a better polishing method than paper towels. Maybe get a soft mop for the drill press?

RT I have what I call the "Casablanca rule", after a terrible MST3K'd "overdrawn at the memory bank" in which the main character briefly watches "Casablanca":

A movie should *never* do anything to remind you of another movie which the viewer might realize they'd rather be watching

RT They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Just to note, I boost a lot of stuff from the birdsite, if you're wondering what the RT is...

RT Whoever made this is a genius. I'm still chuckling.

Ever need to split a node type in a Drupal 8 migration into two separate node types based on if a field is set or not? This'll help you:

Where's the mega-minified option where we also display minified JS in a really tiny font?

Another evening of, "I just can't." I really want this insomnia streak to end, but I doubt it ever will now.

RT Silicon Valley Elite Eye Midwest With Hungry, Murderous Eyes, Mouths Salivating, Covered In Blood

I really, really wanted to do some writing yesterday, but my sinuses had other plans. I did some module work instead, but it's hard to escape the feeling of free time not spent as intended.

RT Here's the latest forecast PREPARE NOW

A little more today while working on Today's viewing: Residue on NF.
Cheesy in places, looping, non-linear story telling, but also I kinda liked it.

*jury-rigs a wood finish drying table using a black light and a clip-mount reflector*

RT i got gold paint marker on my friends laptop so the absolute madman let me just draw a gameboy circuitboard across the whole thing

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