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I'm a digital content creator from north-east Ohio. Take a glance at my work below, and become a patron.

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Here's my official toot.

I'm 21 years old from Ohio. Coder, artist, creator, Christian, libertarian. I love baking, cooking, woodworking, metalworking, all of which I'm a novice at. I enjoy writing, but mostly on spiritual topics. I prefer reading books of knowledge over novels. Love most genres of music, but little overlap with what the majority like. I sometimes post music here. INTJ with a dark sense of humor (but I rarely show it for everyone's safety).

I'm a digital content creator from north-east Ohio. Take a glance at my work below, and become a patron.

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I did some math with fiance and we can maybe squeeze by with only $250 but that's $250 I don't know where it comes from.

So again,
Pay me to draw you something?
(if there's something you want that's not listed, I'll come up with a rate for you)

My portfolio:
I am available for full time or part time remote graphic/illustration work

Adding color scheme functionality to Aeta Frame. It's pretty flexible right now. Here's an awesome test scheme.

Here's a new project I started yesterday called Aeta Frame. It's a hassle-free interface frame for developing programs quickly. It makes use of the powerful and flexible Aeta UI.

Early demonstration.

Added "Koah" to the Tools tab in Monument. Koah is a lightweight but flexible .dll code library for creating particles in C# and Monogame.

To get access, consider supporting my creations!

I've been quiet post-Monument release, so here's what I've been doing:

1. Some font creation.
2. Coding various libraries. I've been experimenting with adding 3D physics to 2D rendering. Going well.
3. A geometry engine thing for collision.

Going on a trip soon, and I'm a little desperate for new music. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

The genre and extremity isn't an issue. If it sounds like what's on the radio, I probably won't like it. Retoots appreciated.

Completed a trailer for Monument. I'm very happy with how this turned out (reuploaded just in case).

Monument can now download files. You should be able to download multiple files at once. If the download contains an .exe, it'll launch it. If not, opens folder in explorer.

Also, version banner images transition smoother.

Here's a video of the "Item" UI. Still WIP, may need to smooth it out a bit more.

Is it possible to block an entire instance?

I've been quiet, but Monument is going well! Adding functionality, though not much new to show yet. I figured out the best way for Monument to handle downloads of projects and their versions in online and offline modes.

Hope to post an update this Friday!