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I'm a digital content creator from north-east Ohio. Take a glance at my work below, and become a patron.

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I spent most of yesterday (and part of today) working on rock objects and tiles. It took quite a few attempts, but I got the cliffside I'm going for. Now I need to create corners, tops, bottoms, etc.

Mountain goat for size reference.

I made some chickens! I'm really eager to add all these animals into the game.

Started the day off with mountain goats (of some sort). Pig for size reference.

I've made some improvements to the backpack UI. Since the last video, there are tabs and I've moved the currency display from the HUD to the right of the backpack.

• Pressing the escape key will display the top-right menu.
• Replaced the "notification tutorial" with the Controls message, which pops up shortly after the first event.
• Customers will no longer endlessly spawn when the game is paused.
• UI objects will display a tooltip with their name.
• Large monitors don't see the map edge when talking to Sproule.
• Object selection now makes use of ObjectShape.
• Gorgers won't show they can be selected unless the player is holding an item.

I've updated Merchantry to version 1.0.1. This is a minor release which fixes bugs and has slight improvements. See the changelog below.

If you like what I'm doing, support my work.

Contrary to my other games, I'm releasing it early to get feedback on what should be improved, or whether I should keep working on this game or move on to a different game project.

I would appreciate any boosts. Thank you.

ANNOUNCEMENT: My game project I've spent the last few months working on will be publicly released as early alpha this Friday! Merchantry is a game about crafting, trading, and dialogue.

Remember the date: 2019/2/22!

Also, I apologize for my recent silence. Been going through a little slump. Doing better now, though. I'm still working on this game as much as I can! Here are some random stuff I've added.

• Miscellanious fixes.
• Events and various characters.
• Springflowers. They bounce a lot!
• Birds may fly through the town.
• Feeding chow to gorger (pigs) makes it dig. What will it find?
• Feather, stone arrow, iron arrow (with appropriate crafting recipes).

A frog mage and salamander merchant. Need to get the shop code worked out, but good progress.

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