Millennials Are Killing The Commodity Production Industry By Frivolously Spending Their Money On Rent And Utility Bills

Spent most of today on birdsite, felt sad and angry, spent last 15 min here, felt better. Anyway, boost my extreme idiot dog and help me find my pals here

A very important message to you all before I get up for the day (SFW): 

💟 Always stay true to ur brand 💟


im with my bf after a week of not seeing him, i have a sweatshirt on bc its kind of chilly ( I miss so much wearing sweatshirts), we just had mexican for dinner and now we're going to watch anime

I heard twitter gives bad head and smells like shit

all of Those on instances where you have Fat Yoshi I hope you avenge those of us who lack it

boost this if fat yoshi is braver than all of the troops

isn't just so beautiful that so many people became very happy with their online social life just by changing the site they visit more often

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