there's all this talk about eating alien booty and clapping alien cheeks when you storm area 51.. but what if.. the aliens eat YOUR booty and clap YOUR cheeks?

hear me out: Live action Samurai Jack movie but Keanu Reeves plays Jack

d&d is so fun. i made a cambion barbarian and my god she's such a sweetheart. Because who doesn't love a big sweet girl who could decapitate you in a hot second if you betray her?

hey there delilah whats it like in new york city im a thousand miles away but girl snapchat me them titties

Hey y'all! I just made a mastodon account so I'm new to this and still figuring stuff out. My name is Ren and I draw things!

I use a huion kamvas gt-191 drawing tablet, and the programs I use are Paint Tool Sai 2 and Clip Studio Paint.

Here's a #hollowknight piece I made a little while ago.

#hornet #littleghost

me: picks up my cat bc I love him
cat: aaaaaaaa!
me: oh you baby
mom: oh my goodness you baby hush
cat: aaa....

bruh it's the SOLSTICE go OUTSIDE and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL WEATHER

I sleep with socks on sonthe sleep paralysis demon can't suck my toes.

when i was like 9 i made a small child cry at a lighthouse because i was taunting him with one of those grabber things but it was shaped like an orca. my child if you're reading this im sorry

my parents raised a yeeyee ass wannabe redneck country music loving kid and a dumb bitch who loves heavy metal. jokes on you I'm the dumb bitch.

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