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I had the artist redo the outfit and I'm really happy with the commission.

Here is my lovely commission! I really wanna get more commissions done of him.

I got a really nice commission done of one of my OCs I'm gonna show it to you guys when I get home

I've spent the past few days screaming internally because the chronic pain is slowly killing my will to act like I have energy

I brought back an oc from last year that I made with a friend and boy I'm having a good time. When I get home I'm gonna draw them out good. The FC I use is nearly perfect but there are some key differences that are important.

Taking care of horses is sweaty work

He finally finished his apple I can be in peace now.

This guy only ate half of his Apple and the primate brain inside of me is telling me to tell him to finish his fruit before bugs get all over it.

I didn't bring my laptop so this is actually pretty boring oops

I'm hiding out at Starbucks because my dad is in a mood and so is mother.

Mom is making cookies with me because I'm sad life is sorta okay

I want to draw but no energy

Even my OCs aren't holding my interest which is sad because I used to love running their blogs. Depression is a bitch and a half.

I'm mostly frustrated because none of my hobbies interest me anymore. I spend whole days staring at the ceiling and doing nothing of value. It's frustrating.

Lately all I've been doing is sleeping and going to doctor appointments.

I would post on here more but nothing new is happening. I'm just floating along wishing my health was better.

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Watching the Animaniacs like I haven't lost control of my life

I changed my OC's name to Xahra because no one can stop me